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    Use this thread to discuss Mission 23 of Season 2.
    Feel free to post theories, clues, hints, or anything else, as long as you DO NOT POST THE ANSWER.
  2. Aquilas

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    Beware of spoilers:

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  3. satyreyes

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    Can anyone explain 23-2 to me? I got the answer from Aquilas above, and he got the answer by clicking random Wikipedia links and entering four-digit numbers until he found the right one. Why was this number of all numbers the right one?
    The six pictures retrieved from the SD card didn't seem to have anything to do with the answer at all, even though I found anomalies in their hex.
    (BIG spoiler)
    And the seventh picture, the one retrieved from Wikimedia, has the most tenuous possible link to the answer: it happens to be used on a Wikipedia page two degrees away from the answer. It's not like this photo was official art used in the manga, it's just something someone put on a Wikipedia page.
    So what am I missing?
  4. marfish

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    The last image leads you to the wikipedia page for the manga "The Flowers of Evil". That manga references, and takes it's name from Baudelaire's work "Les Fleurs Du Mal". When you check the wikipedia entry for Les Fleurs Du Mal you will notice that the book was arranged in six sections, and that is where the other pictures come in:
    Spleen et Idéal (Spleen and ideal): Spleen drawing
    Tableaux Parisiens (Parisian scenes): Eiffel tower picture
    Le Vin (Wine): Wedding at Cana painting (Jesus turned water to wine)
    Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil): Picture of street which leads to Flowers of Evil manga
    Révolte (Revolt): Revolt book
    That leaves the painting of The Temptation Of Christ depicting Jesus and Lucifer, but I think that is covered in the foreword of the book which compares someone to Satan.
  5. satyreyes

    satyreyes Senior Agent

    Very cool. Thank you! :)
  6. Balamung

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    May be 23-3 spoilers, so I'll tag just in case :

    The pastebin data seems to not be working anymore in Chrome (54.0.2840.99), I lost a LOT of time because of this (Probably an update since Aquilas seems to have had everything fine at the time =/)
    Here is what I got : http://i.imgur.com/kf32N4V.png
    However, I tried with Edge, and Tadaaa : http://i.imgur.com/Wyu6ZEY.png

    The characters also does not appear in the inspector or the source code of the page.

    I honestly have no idea if a fix is possible, but it may be quite frustrating :)
  7. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Can confirm this bug. cc: @Anashel et al.
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  8. Jimbo9

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    I'm wondering if this should have been solved in some easier way, after a long time I googled myself to some online tool which displayed and directly told me what exactly was that hidden stuff.
  9. Balamung

    Balamung Senior Agent

    But if the characters are not here at all, you cannot copy/paste these to any tool to decode them =)
  10. Jimbo9

    Jimbo9 Special Agent

    As far as I remember I solved this in Chrome, saw exactly what you saw, but it still worked...I think the data is the same, just the browsers handle encoding/fonts differently
  11. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Jimbo, I just reproduced the error Balamung was seeing. The data is different in the most recent version of chrome.
  12. Balamung

    Balamung Senior Agent

    You are right in the sense that it is still copyable, the base data is still there. However, it seems reasonable to think that it would be too much of a stretch to expect people to solve it without these indicators.
  13. berzerk0

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    Note: I try to write these as if you do not need to look at comments preceding them in the thread. In this case, it seems to me like the mission has been changed since the comments before this one.

    23-1 Safety Measures:
    Did you look it up where there are one-hundred zeroes?
    Find the specs.

    A Nudge Haiku.

    A fire alarm.
    Little hammer hanging down.
    What does the sign say?

    I don't want to hear your terrible poetry, give me a better nudge:
    Around many buildings are red emergency boxes. They are kept sealed - but can be opened in case of emergency. No hinges, no doorknob, but you can see inside and there is one way in a caveman could figure out.

    You are encouraged, in an event like a fire, to use the caveman method.

    These are often found in schools.

    Final Nudge
    Also found in schools, this metal box is trusted to keep your books safe.
    You can also find it near old men who don't NEED to be naked but decide to be.

    Rooms full of these items, and who gets to use them, has been a topic of controversy in North Carolina.


    23-2 Numbers Game

    What have you done with the images?
    Have you downloaded them?
    What searches on/in/for them have you done?

    If you see "UFO Museum"
    This is a weird bug, the painting is called The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulpp

    Have you found each image's encyclopedia page?

    What is a general theme for each image? - try to pick out one word it may represent.

    For example, if you saw a picture of the shadow of trees with the moon, and stars, you may think "night." If you saw a picture of the Statue of Liberty you might think "New York."

    One image isn't an image - track it down

    Bigger Nudge:
    Our missing image has its own Wikipedia page - track that down.
    Where does that lead you? Does that page have links to others?

    Are you experiencing judgement-induced blindness? Do you think that because Japanese schoolgirls are involved it can't be related to our other, more classical, images?

    Final Nudge:
    How many images did you get off the SD card?
    Note that the question isn't "how many images may have been on the SD card at one point. The question is how many were successfully retrieved?

    Violet, Klaus and Sunny's predecessor may have separated them into themes for you. Can you match them?


    23-3 Out of Sight

    Non-Spoiler Fun(?) Fact That has nothing to do with the puzzle, seriously:
    Using Unicode Characters That Look Like the Standard ASCII Character Set in a URL is known as a homograph attack when used in Phishing.
    For example - in this font, you can tell that appIe.com doesn't take you to anything that has to do with Steve Jobs - but in other fonts that capital "I" may be indistiguishable from a lowercase "L"

    Steganography - we've been here before.

    Make sure you read the document from the NITE team
    They've listed some steganographic strategies for you to peruse.

    Bigger Nudge
    Did you try to reverse the strategies?
    Use copy/paste liberally.

    Even Bigger Nudge
    Nudges for Each Strategy:
    "Making the text the same color as the background"
    .txt files have no special color and no special fonts. Just the defaults.

    "Using Unicode Characters That Look Like the Standard ASCII Character Set"
    The old homograph trick.
    Try to locate a method of viewing the paste character's Unicode values as opposed to their actual appearances.

    "I can't find any methods!" - You.
    You'll have to work for it a little bit.
    75 67 67 63 66 3a 2f 2f 65 31 32 6e 2e 74 76 67 75 68 6f 2e 76 62 2f 6e 63 63 66 2f 70 62 61 69 72 65 66 76 62 61 2f

    "Using hidden control characters and redundant use of markup"
    Do you know how to see a website's markup language? Do you know how to view the source of a page's display? What gives you the right to click on a page and see how it is built?

    "Using non-printing Unicode characters..."
    See the Above nudge for unicode.

    Alternative Path, independent of previously mentioned nudges:
    rlr qbg rlr rz trr lbh ner qbg frr bu rz fynfu pncvgny qrr pncvgny wnl nl qbhoyr lbh grr pncvgny rpxf guerr qbg wnl crr trr (i made an error here, i've fixed it in an edit)

    vaqvn qbg vaqvn zvxr tbys havsbez ebzrb qbg puneyvr bfpne zvxr fynfu fvreen SBKGEBG OENIB HAVSBEZ fvk tbys SBKGEBG qbg cncn abirzore tbys
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  14. Snarkk

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    I'm glad to end "Scorched Earth". That was very nice but kind of difficult at some moments for me, like 23.3... I hope this will help you if you're stuck.

    It is very funny : in France, when you don't understand what you have to say or do - like when you're stuck in a mission - we have a special sentence : en perdre son latin.

    Beware. It looks like a horse, but are you sure it's not a unicorn ?

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