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    Use this thread to discuss Mission 22 of Season 2.
    Feel free to post theories, clues, hints, or anything else, as long as you DO NOT POST THE ANSWER.
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    I am struggling to find the Ku-band satellite, I have the rest, any pointers please?
    I am an idiot and was looking for a ground station
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    Include the name of the island in your searches and it should be simple to find
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    Spoilers In The Video:

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    22-1 Advanced Persistent Threat

    The STINGER tool is very powerful. I spent time trying to
    gain root access
    which I thought I would need to install any sort of malware. Luckily for us, NITE's tool lets us just open it up and drop it in.

    Your commands must be in the form of

    Stinger-exmal stgxxxxx OSX.xxxxxx targetname

    The NITE team has provided us with plenty of information - all we need for this.

    Are you familiar with the commands? If not, use the help command to get there.

    The key is stinger-exmal exid malid targetid.
    We need to pick a software vulnerability to Exploit and create an opening wherein we can place the Malware on the Target.

    What does the NITE team tell us about these systems and users?
    Browse the exploit list and try to find one that fits what we know.

    The same is true for the Malware list - try to find something that meets our requirements.

    Bigger Nudge
    As I spoiler mentioned above, you don't need to spend time gaining root access. This threw me for a loop.

    Aconite works around the clock - so it is always work hours.


    22-2 Mockingbird:
    Make sure you know what you're looking for. Find a list of entities so officially designated by the UNSC.

    List Finding Nudge:
    Try to find a Consolidated UNSC List of Sanctions - all in one place.

    Find the ones dealing with the relevant nation - investigate them in the documents listed by the SET Team.

    We are dealing with the DPRK, not the ROK.

    Don't look for "Supreme Leader's Weapon's Manufacturing" - we are going to be dealing with something a lot less obvious.

    In order to not arouse suspicion, a cover name wouldn't include "Blahblahblah" Specific Corporation.

    Just the opposite in fact.

    For the NITE agents in training:
    egrep -o '\w{5}\s\w{8}\s\w{7}\s\w{11}\s' Consl_UNSC_SancList.txt

    \w{5} may be replaced the name of the Hermit Kingdom


    22-3 Dangerous Substance
    The agency has given us very specific requirements. Start there.

    Bigger Nudge -
    Walter White's Castor beans and Markov's Umbrella are too mainstream for our needs.

    If you still can't find it, maybe you need some divine intervention. Here are first of a series of specific steps:
    1. Make the sign of the Cross and say the Apostle's Cred
    2. Say the "Our Father"
    3. Say three "Hail Mary's"
    4. ... (more steps follow)

    (This is a hint, not a sincere request that you look to religion to guide you through the Valley of the Shadow of Puzzles - that is what I am here for 0:) )
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    Hello there, this is my furst nudge and I hope it will not be too much... btw english is not my native language, so be kind. ;)

    In this case you are more a hunter than a watchmen. You want to catch your prey but not easily right ?

    I think a real hunter would like to see things like zoos or safaris disappear. What about you ?

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