Mission 204889

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  1. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I want to post this here in case cryptobin expires it.
    Case Reference C82845
    June 16 2015

    MISSION FOR: All Agents
    FROM: Division 66
    MISSION No: 204889

    1. Action required:
    Terminate target Marcus Larson [Subject C82845].

    2. Background:
    Marcus Larson [Subject C82845] went AWOL from the Division 66 Montreal office on 06/13/15. He contacted Agent Wheeler [Asset 20418], an archivist at Division 66, and asked her to leave the agency. He stole top secret files from the digital archives before leaving the Montreal office. On 06/15/15, a craigslist posting relating to the transfer of those documents was found in Chicago. The drop was planned for the 300 Level sideline of the United Center.

    3. Updates:
    The Chicago strike force was sent to intercept the drop at the Sideline concession stand. They recovered the package, and once the contents were confirmed, the package was immediately incinerated due to the sensitive nature of the documents. The strike force also captured William Bailey [Subject CH39D2], a messenger used by Subject C82845 to make the drop. The intended recipient of the drop was not found.

    4. Subject CH39D2 was cooperative during an interrogation. He was released following the questioning, but remains under heavy surveillance. The transcript of the interrogation can be found here: https://goo.gl/P3lqxC

    5. The location of Subject C82845 remains unknown. However, it is likely he will try to flee Chicago. Agents have been posted at all airports and major train stations.

    6. Intel Report:
    Further intel on Subject C82845 has been uncovered.

    Name: Marcus Larson
    Division: 66
    Specialty: Data analysis
    Linguist with specialty in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese
    Spouse: None
    Family members: Celia Larson, sister, 36. Lives in Montreal.
    Robert Larson, father, deceased.
    Yuna Choi, mother, deceased.

    7. Recommendation:
    (a) Locate Subject C82845.
    (b) Submit to dispatch ASAP.
    (i)[email protected]
    (c) Stand by for further instructions on Div 66 IRC as case develops.

    Skype Audio File Reversed.

    Audio sounds like Japanese to me for the second half, but I can't translate it.
  2. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    Google Translate vocal recognition seems recognise korean or Japanese. In both, "San Francisco" is translated.

    In Korean :
    June 16 you write [...] that you went to San Fransisco, I'll be waiting at the airport to transfert to [...] Seoul

    The raw translation is :
    June 16 you to write 10 15 83 side that went to San Francisco, I'll be waiting at the airport to transfer to Samsung Rider ride to Seoul

    As Subject C82845 knows Korean, it could be correct. He took a flight from Chicago to San Francisco in order to meet his Korean contact, for escaping to Seoul?
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  3. vigatron

    vigatron Senior Agent

    I have some friends from my Army days in Korea. I sent the link to one of them to see if he can provide a translation that might get some nuances that an auto translate might have missed.
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  4. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    From what little I can gather, it is a message regarding the transfer in Seoul (after arriving from San Francisco).
    Hopefully, the date mentioned (June 16) is the departure date.
    Only 4 planes arrive from San Francisco at Incheon airport in Seoul on the 17th.

    I've sent the schedule to dispatch just in case, but I'd strongly recommend we get someone proficient in Korean, as the voice sounds to me to have a bit of dialect, making auto-translations highly problematic.

    Unfortunately, my proficiency is primarily in Japanese - my Korean is only just sufficient enough to be ridiculed by korean toddlers.
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  5. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    I corrected my message (June instead of January, I didn't pay attention that it was not June ^^')
  6. vigatron

    vigatron Senior Agent

    Got it - take UA 1583 from Chicago to San Fran, hop on UA 893 to Seoul. The speaker will be waiting.

    I'm submitting this info to dispatch now. Will post reply.
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  7. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Auto-translate fun:

    Then take a walk going to be waiting for it to go negative

    Riding on February 16, when the phone walked up to the firsts floor of the house yes I'll be waiting at the airport

    Psychological shipped from the movie Road crossroads and you'll need to go to Seoul ganeuge's hard to be waiting to transfer to Samsung

    Hi Walk you think that's the way you can stop now going to be careful I'll be waiting there to burn to the ground path to Seoul

    Hello, I've got to go now, you'll be thought of and transfer the lyrics, Seoul, Samsung Double riders to watch out I'll be waiting at the airport


    0:00 - 0:08
    Movie forget why I quit going 16 I think I'll go noljago San Francisco to Seoul

    0:08 - 0:12
    Be careful I'll be waiting at the airport​
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  8. vigatron

    vigatron Senior Agent

    Dispatch has replied:

    Agent Vigatron,

    Understood. We will relay the information to our contacts in Seoul. A strike force is being assembled. They will intercept Subject C82845 at the airport. Stand by for updates. Well done Agent.

    Division 66
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  9. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    Great, wait and see :) so your Korean contacts have been helpful ^^
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  10. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    [20:40] *** Div66_Dispatch ([email protected]/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. joined
    [20:40] <Div66_Dispatch> Agents, we have assets on the United 893 flight currently monitoring target.
    [20:41] <Div66_Dispatch> We will update if there are any developments while the flight is en route
    [20:42] <Div66_Dispatch> When target lands at ICN, agents should join the dedicated IRC channel #mission_204889 to follow the operation
    [20:43] <Div66_Dispatch> The goal will be to apprehend target and contact, stand by for further updates.
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  11. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    What time does the flight land in EST?
  12. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

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  13. Frostwolfie

    Frostwolfie Active Agent

  14. Frostwolfie

    Frostwolfie Active Agent

    7:39:38 AM Div66_Dispatch: Seoul team has reported capture of Subject C82845
    7:40:36 AM Div66_Dispatch: We expect a full report by 14:00 UTC 06/17/15.
    7:40:51 AM DaedaIus: Do you need interrogation sugguestions?
    7:40:53 AM DaedaIus: I have many
    7:41:19 AM Div66_Dispatch: Daedalus: We will have the report from the Seoul team
    7:41:40 AM Div66_Dispatch: They have been briefed on the case.
    7:42:30 AM Div66_Dispatch: We will update you with the report, once it is received from Seoul team, after 14:00 UTC 06/17/15.
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  15. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

  16. vigatron

    vigatron Senior Agent

    Awesome! So, is this still an ongoing case? We're waiting for the tac team report, right?

    I hope it isn't the bloody Dragon. Those idiots are hard to pin down.
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  17. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

  18. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent


    Case Reference C82845
    June 17 2015
    MISSION FOR: All Agents
    FROM: Division 66
    MISSION No: 204889

    Mission details:

    Congratulations Agents,

    Target Marcus Larson [Subject C82845] was intercepted, along with his Korean contact, at the Incheon Int. Airport at 06:38 UTC 06/17/15. Subject C82845 was wounded in the leg, but his condition was quickly stabilized. MISSION No. 204889 is a success.

    A search of Subject C82845’s bag revealed further sensitive material, which has been destroyed. Subject C82845 was interrogated regarding his defection. The transcript of the interrogation can be found in the archive [Call number C82845].

    Subject C82845’s Korean contact was also questioned. Preliminary intel suggests he is a relative of Subject C82845 and had no connection to the theft of sensitive material. Both individuals are currently being detained in Seoul.

    Agent Wheeler [Asset 20418] has been released from surveillance in Montreal. She’s grateful for your effort in retrieving the stolen materials, and has notified us that increased security measures are already in place throughout the archive.

    All agents involved in the search and interception of Subject C82845 responded quickly and efficiently throughout this mission. Your skills have been noted.
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  19. Rolan Storm

    Rolan Storm Active Agent

    [17:00:48] <Div66_Dispatch> Greetings agents.
    [17:01:34] <Div66_Dispatch> We have just received a report from Seoul. We will be releasing an update shortly.
    [17:03:16] <Div66_Dispatch> In the meantime, we would like to commend all your hard work tracking Subject C82845.
    [17:08:01] <Div66_Dispatch> Update has been prepared. Authorization code mINt027. https://cryptobin.org/02i7d939
    [17:08:27] <Div66_Dispatch> Well done agents. Mission 204889 was successful.
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  20. vigatron

    vigatron Senior Agent

    Man, they sure gave him the once-over. Well, glad to see we got this wrapped up!

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