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  1. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.

    (IRC CHANNEL LOGS can be found on this page, under the #m20.1 and #m20.2 option in the dropdown menu. Click #division66 to choose.)
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  2. Mkoch117

    Mkoch117 Active Agent

    Unstable Growth
    Pay close attention to the wording of the summary
    glandular, images show this generally in the ches

    Adverse Reations
    upon investigating the relative levels of the elements within the patients before and after I noticed a discrepancy, look into the levels of the deceased compared to the normal levels on the right.
    Lead levels are way low and gold content is very high.... Alchemy?
    Looked into various terms on the wikipedia for alchemy.
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  3. Typhoon Jim

    Typhoon Jim Senior Agent

    Can't seem to find the special word that the client likes for Adverse Reactions. I know exactly what process is at work, but just can't give it a name it accepts.
  4. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    I've got to say that Gen Bio really came in for me in unusual growth.
  5. Sytthas

    Sytthas New Agent

    There is a (somewhat more obscure) name for the specific process, as opposed to the more general name for all similar processes.
  6. Typhoon Jim

    Typhoon Jim Senior Agent

    Hargh, it was in my notes before, just misspelled
  7. Dax

    Dax Active Agent

    Identifying the location of the glandular growth has been very problematic to say the least, i wonder if i'm over looking anything regarding this?

    Wasn't overlooking it, just needed to simplify on what to look at. Which i did. Woot
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  8. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Location comes first in the sentence so i banned all glandular answers from my wordpool, besides i tried em all and it gives me nothing

    PS : The gland you're looking for is in the chest, not the throat. I had a hard long time giving everything from the wrong area (which is fairly close but still wrong)
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  9. Sytthas

    Sytthas New Agent

    That it usually does not appear in adults can narrow the options dramatically.
  10. Aquilas

    Aquilas Senior Agent

    As usual, I have the twitch stream split into each mission. If you wish to watch it and follow along as you solve or have some trouble you can check it out to see how I was thinking.

    Mission 20: http://www.twitch.tv/jkkennedy/v/15690273
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  11. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

  12. nefaria

    nefaria Active Agent

    Sorry about the quality, but I made a chart with the variances for part2, if anyone is interested :)

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  13. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Old school, @nefaria. Can't say I'm not impressed though!
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  14. nefaria

    nefaria Active Agent

    Hey, I get to use my engineering tablet & maths notation. I'm happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  15. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    That... Isn't an IRC log...
  16. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    I think the logs pre-season 2 have been deleted, because they were kept on another server?
  17. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    What is this, Mario? "Your log is in another castle."

    Is ther any way to get those logs still?
  18. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    Sorry, like i said; i think they are deleted (since the link obviously doesnt work). And i cant find them in the current log system....
    (Current logs are kept at logs.div88.org, but only from s2m11 and on)
    If you need specific hints, you can message me where youre stuck at, so i can help you
  19. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    It's cool. I figured it out, but it is nice to see how people first reacted to it. Thanks!
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