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    Use this thread to discuss Mission 20 of Season 2.
    Feel free to post theories, clues, hints, or anything else, as long as you DO NOT POST THE ANSWER.
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    Spoiler Alert:
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    20-1: Cancellation Policy:
    Our CFO is sure made out to be a likable guy, eh? Wealthy, arrogant and with potential for blackmail? Maybe this guy should run for President /zing.

    What key luxuries does our subject mention/demand?
    Can you find a hotel that would have such luxuries?

    What do we know about the location of the hotel? What country is it in? What city? What province?

    Bigger Nudge
    This guy needs everything to be grand, even his hotels. Make sure you find one that fits that bill.

    He thinks he's some kind of prince or something - or 'prinz' as they might call him in the country he is visiting.
    If a prince belongs in a royal court, where does a prinz belong?

    Super-Sized Nudge with Fries and extra dip
    If people from the city he's visiting could be called hot dogs, what would you call a person from that province?
    They helped the colonists win the American Revolutionary War - what would they call themselves?

    (Not a Hamburger, that's for sure. Don't get too caught up in the food, it's just a pun hint. Pun hints are a key trick in the Watchmen playbook. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is a Hamburger? These questions won't help you solve this puzzle, but have you considered them before?)

    20-2: Special Treatment
    What country is our subject going to? How is he getting there?
    Any ideas on how a man who demands as much luxury as he does would get there in style?

    The item he gives to his assistant that is known for "being the one that makes bathtime lots of fun" doesn't come from the hotel. Where might it come from on his travels?

    What were Nena's 99 Balloons filled with? What was the name of a North German Trade Guild established in 1358?

    20-3: Excuses
    I struggled for a few days on this one. Even got my mother involved because a REAL AGENT utilizes ALL resources at their disposal.

    What do the emails tell you about the type of company the CFO is meeting with?
    More specifically, what does the CFO's correspondence with his assistant tell us?

    The syntax of the answer sure looks unique.

    Bigger Nudge
    What do you know about Frankfurt and its economy? Have you looked at its page on the Free encyclopedia?

    Does anything fit our syntax, or at least part of it?

    The Nudge I Needed
    Not all useful information is found in section headings. Sometimes you need to actually read things fully to get the information out.
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