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    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.

    IRC Logs

    Agent @Aquilas (aka jkkennedy) stream of the mission

    In the keypads test translates to 8378
    If you search Swine Cipher you will get the name of the cipher used in dataset 02
    The ninth sign refers to the ninth sign of the zodiac
    You are looking for a demon who appears when the sun is on the ninth sign

    "the shadowy land of the dead" refers to Japanese folklore
    Beau Fort is a cipher
    The key for the cipher is the japanese name for "the shadowy land of the dead"
    The answer is also related to japanese folklore

    In Dataset 2, those are egyptian hieroglyphs
    The serpent is the key
    You are looking for something related to chaos, serpents and Egypt
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    Swine = PigPen Cipher (do not confuse with Masonic cipher)
    "The demon appears when the sun is in the ninth sign"
    The answer corresponds to the demons name translated to numbers using the key pad
    Buer = 2837

    Cephalopod = think octopus (-octo) Base 8
    This answer not currently needed for mission - possible puzzle piece info?
    "to rub with dust"

    The shadowy land of the dead - from Wikipedia is named Yomi
    beaufort is the name of the cipher, the key to the cipher is 'Yomi'
    "While you sleep it devours your dreams"
    The demons name is Baku = 2258 key code

    na-dene is a native american language
    navajo cipher
    This answer not currently needed for mission - possible puzzle piece info?

    Pictograms seem to be egyptian
    Find the 'demon' related to chaos
    Apep is egyptian deity that embodied Chaos - 2737 key code

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    Alpha Lock
    Where do swine live?
    Is is claimed The Knights Templar used a similar cipher
  4. Filiecs

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    I'm stuck on alpha. I enter the answer but It just won't take it for some reason, am I missing something?
    That answer won't work for me.
  5. Tutsie

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    Yes, that is correct. :( How strange.

    You are trying to enter it in the Alpha Lock and not the front door? It's the only thing I can think of. If it's definitely the alpha door, then maybe drop a PM to one of the devs.
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  6. Aquilas

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  7. Khalm

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    I spent a while trying to work out why it would not work then realised I had already been given the code for the front door. I was entering the ALPHA answer in the wrong place
  8. MochiInvasion

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    out of interest, has anyone tried to "solve" the bravo and delta locks?
  9. thatangryviking

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    There's talks of it in the I want to play a game puzzle pieces thread. :)
  10. dylanamite

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    Yup. Myself and Nikel both did shortly after the missions were released.
    More information about them in the Puzzle Piece thread.
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    Just in case anyone falls into my pitfall:

    It is not barbatos.

    Also the more I research this the more it seems like this answer is an error. There's nothing supporting this other than a single line in the wikipedia article that's not substantiated.

    Edit 3: The article was created with the factoid in 2003 and any sparse material that corroborates it was created way after that (and given identical verbiage most likely based on it). Now I'm super eager to know if this is really a case of Citogenesis.
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