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    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.

    IRC Logs

    Agent @Aquilas (aka jkkennedy) stream of the mission

    Part 1
    The route is as follows: Porch, Kitchen, Service stairs (visible from Rear Hall), Central cellar
    Try to write down the times when a guard could see the infiltration route. You'll see the 30 secs window.
    "Key" guards: G1, G4 and G5

    Part 2
    You will need the following formulae:
    * Area of a rectangle
    * Area of a circle sector
    * Area of a triangle
    * Area of a circle segment
    * Side of a triangle given the opposite angle and two sides (SAS triangle)
    Alcove (rectangle area)
    8' is given.
    You need to subtract two measurements of the Guest Chamber to obtain the length of the side.
    Guest Chamber (rectangle area)
    12' 6'' is given.
    You have the half of the other side, just multiply by 2.
    Circular section (Circle sector area - triangle area)
    The radius is given: 8' 8''
    You have the half of the angle.
    For the triangle you have the height but not the base, but you can find the base using the radius, the height and the angle given.
    Then you just need to substract the area of the triangle from the area of the circle sector.
    The actual solution is not the sum of the previous areas but the "nearest 10 square feet" to it.
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    18-1 Nudge
    Study the maps, and use the power of elimination with the times, where you know guards will not be in the kitchen areas.
    Also you are looking for the *beginning* of the 30 second time period.

    18-2 Answer - Warning = Math.
    Area of a rectangle = length x width = l x w
    Area of curved room space = (l/2 x w x pi)/2
    via http://www.wikihow.com/Measure-a-Room
    The room can be broken up into 3 sections that just need to be added together.
    First section is alcove
    length is 8' (from map), width is determined by subtracting room+alcove length 16' 3'' and main chamber length 12'6''
    Area = 8 x 3.75 = 30'
    Second section is main room
    length is 18.5' width is 12.5 so Area = 231'
    Third section is the curved front section
    Width is 8'8'' (8.67) minus 4.5 (numbers next to the 45 angle) = 4.17
    I estimated Length as similar to the sum of the alcove width, plus the 2 closet doors at 3ft ea so Length = 14 (a more precise calculation can probably be done here - but approx is only needed)
    Area = (14/2 x 4.17 x 3.14) /2 = 46
    So many spoilers :)
    Add areas
    30+231+46 = 307, rounds to 310
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    If you convert everything to inches for an easier time: Remember that 144 sq. inches go into a sq. foot, not 12.
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    I frankly have no idea how you americans manage to do geometry in imperial units. I tried a bit, then gave up and converted everything to metric.
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    its like a language, what is an inane colloquialism to a student/foreigner is just "understood" by those raised with it. Now, if we could get a few more of the old guard to agree that simple and efficient is better. Then we all could be on the same page :)
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    If it helps, I have a couple of blueprints that I threw the guard routes onto.

    C8A42AD7-5B5E-8B22-67CB-59736F5430BE.jpg 92CD334A-EEDB-B2BD-FDF6-06ACAF83BB7C.jpg
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    Calculating the alcove and guest chamber square should be easy enough, the only real problem is the curved area below. I personally hacked it with 'rough' calculation using parts of the alcove and came really close, it's bigger than it looks
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    For part 1, just make sure to add a 0 at the beginning of your answer (0X:XX:XX) :p:rolleyes:
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    Tnx a lot, I'm used to centimeters ;) !

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