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  1. Zerosh

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    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.

    IRC Logs
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    Agent @Aquilas (aka jkkennedy) stream of the mission

    Hints from other agents

    Part 1
    The Order of the Friars of St Francis of Wycombe
    Francis Dashwood, 11th Baron le Despencer
    Medmenham Abbey
    The North Briton
    issue No. 45

    Part 2
    Warning! Spoliers of part 1 ahead

    14 years old
    The Scandalous Father of Civil Liberty
    Chapter 1

    Part 3
    Phase 1
    Phase 2
    The solution is a date
    The format is: Month DD YYYY
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  2. Nu Age

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    The voice speaks in French, I transcribed it for you :

    En cette nuit du solstice 1760, nous sommes fébriles. Puisque la nourriture et le vin salissent la bouche des infidèles, les hommes, dont les épouses ont veillé toute la nuit., comblent ces courtisanes de plaisirs charnels.
    Conquis par la femme, et comblés, nous avons invoqué une maladie démoniaque.
    La peste s'est propagée et s'est rapidement prise aux hommes, leurs entrailles pourrissent et leur souffle expire enfin.
    Je vais abandonner, encerclé, brûlé par le feu, la voix démoniaque a rugit sans que j'ai vu clair, par notre faute, nos corps sont prisonniers de la malédiction. Depuis ce jour la bête rôde.
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  3. Silverfox

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    These missions rocked.
  4. Aquilas

    Aquilas Senior Agent


    Per usual, I live streamed solving the answers with members of the community in my chat. I talk through my thought process. If you want to watch it then do so. The answer is near the end, so if you want to watch early parts to see my process for hints...or wrong direction then do so.

    Mission 15 Live Stream - 1 Hour 35 Minutes
  5. Filiecs

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  6. Zerosh

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    OP Updated
  7. Konmael

    Konmael Senior Agent

    En cette nuit du Solstice 1760, nous sommes fébriles.
    Oh! Puisque la nourriture et le vin assouvissent la bouche des infidèles, des hommes dont les épouses ont veillé toute la nuit,
    comblent ces courtisanes de plaisirs charnelles.

    Conquis par la femme, et comblés, nous avons évoqué une maladie démoniaque.
    La peste s'est propagée, et s'en est rapidement prise aux hommes. Leurs entrailles pourrissent, et leur souffle expire enfin.

    Je fus abandonné, encerclé, brûlé par le feu. La voix démoniaque a rugi sur le bûcher funéraire.
    Par notre faute, nos corps sont prisonniers de la malédiction, Depuis ce jour, la bête rôde.
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  8. Lyrah

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  9. quovadis

    quovadis Active Agent

    Was it in french for everybody ?
  10. Lyrah

    Lyrah Senior Agent

    Yes the audio file is the same for everyone, in french.
  11. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Also full English translation by Google Translate
    On this night of Solstice 1760, we are excited.
    Oh! Because food and wine sate the mouth of infidels, men whose wives stayed up all night,
    fill these courtesans of carnal pleasures.

    Conquered by the woman, and met, we talked a demonic disease.
    The plague has spread, and is quickly taken by men. Their insides are rotting, and their breath finally expires.

    I was abandoned, surrounded and burned by fire. The demonic voices roared on the funeral pyre.
    Our fault, our bodies are prisoners of the curse this day, the beast lurking.
  12. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    Alright so I've made the sound clip much more audible and easier to understand. The one problem is, I don't speak french(?) so how am I supposed to translate the sound to english?
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  13. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    You can attempt to do it by ear, or you can look one post above you in the thread for a translation. This puzzle always gets people.
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  14. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    Alright, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to translate the audio somehow. Thanks!
  15. Zefira

    Zefira Active Agent

    There is absolutely no reason for the audio file to be in French. It makes no sense. I was totally on board with playing with the audio file until I realised I had no hope of understanding it.
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  16. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    To be honest, France seems to be a regular location for the evil cult thingy, so it does make sense.

    But as a puzzle, it's pretty unreasonable. Without the guy on this thread, there's no way I would have gotten the answer. And now I'm just confused, all the times I looked at this thread for hints: Was I cheating or not?
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  17. Divinor

    Divinor New Agent

    Hello. I'm new to the black watchman. Found that it was on sale and bought it. It's an awesome game and amazing at what it does.
    Anyways, after dedicating the whole day to after buying it, I managed to get to the audio file on mission 15. It's pretty obvious that the file is in reverse, so I reversed the reversed file and got the proper version.
    Now here's the problem. My French is basically unusable. The audio file is in French.
    Can someone please help me out here with the beautiful of theirs? Please? Thanks.
  18. Divinor

    Divinor New Agent

    Just realised that posting this to the "general" section may not have been the best decision of my life -_-
    Oh well, what's done is done. I'll just leave it like this. (Also, for future reference, where should I post my help calls when I'm stuck?)
  19. Joris

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  20. Joris

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    If you need help you can ask in the discord @active agents or check out the mission center on the forums

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