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  1. Zerosh

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    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.

    IRC Logs

    Agent @Aquilas (aka jkkennedy) stream of the mission

    Hints from other agents

    Part 1
    Phase 1
    Aleister Crowley
    999 - 333 = 666 (DCLXVI)
    the words of 418 to DCLXVI

    Phase 2
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  3. Aquilas

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    Per usual, I live streamed solving the answers with members of the community in my chat. I talk through my thought process. If you want to watch it then do so. The answer is near the end, so if you want to watch early parts to see my process for hints...or wrong direction then do so.

    Mission 14 Part 1 Live Stream - 14 Minutes
    Mission 14 Part 2 Live Stream - 1 Hour 9 Minutes

    NOTE: The stream is split into two parts due to a BSOD crash.
  4. Durroth

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    Okay, so I seem to be the only one so far to find the logic behind the most tedious and annoying part of the mission. To preserve the sanity of future generations, I leave this.
    Each wall of Xs corresponds to a number, though in a different way for each which I find kind of sloppy. The number is related to the title of that part.
    First number is represented as a coordinate, where column = [first digit] row = second digit
    Second one is a straight count all the Xs from left to right top to bottom

    Special thanks to greenstar for helping with the first one.
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  5. Filiecs

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    De-corrupted text.
    Purifypurifypurifypurifypurify (it continues)

    Fire is finally introduced as exposure and becoming on the hands arms feet and
    moving on too the rare as dictated by the Cosmic Masters toward becoming free and
    accelerating the self process of understanding.

    and from were in decadence longer egocentricity follows egocentricity accordance regenerated collective the rhythms total self-destruction
    no will has as as before a destructive laws regenerative nonetheless However and one the another devastating like the one set of of Different
    of and sudden face the of disappeared marked the of civilization noble Civilizations such with in never individual Laws total cycles precise pitiful
    of rhythms to the Life The the the a that current of metals The Spirit of course failure effects one ours Subjected his current scrap chaos marked
    individual such total sudden the inescapably level born ignorance sword Laws and leads disappeared this Destiny The followed course laws Spirit the
    the by precise fire of in collective and a cataclysms of escape us by of these devastating of civilizations none these a motion but and have Life
    ignorance to In reached in current effects decadence level a the civilizations forged but of reached self-destruction this and chaos time

    Rejoice in the glorious grasp of transition From the damned remains of those foul men of the Hellfire Club shall He ascent our magnificent Phoenix

    Let Aiwass guide you beyond the beast and into the formless state.

    Looks like a lot of garbage and rambling to me.
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  6. Filiecs

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    I sort of cheated at that part, made it a piece of cake:
    Right click on your browser and click "Inspect Element" to open the html view.
    Then mouse over the different lines until the box of X's is highlighted. Expand that list.
    Mouse over the element with a different name than the others.
    That is the X you need to click on.
    Note: this only works if you have clicked the wrong X once already.
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  7. Zerosh

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    OP Updated
  8. Greenhead

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    I solved it in a similar fashion. I wouldn't consider it cheating; after all, hacking the bad guys' systems is well established as a legitimate technique. It's actually pretty cool that there's both a tech way and a research way to get past that puzzle.
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  10. MidDipper

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    @Wo1fsBan3 if you want to hop on the IRC I'd be happy to help you out there rather than following you from thread to thread. ;) Not sure exactly which spoiler you're referring to.
  11. wayfarer

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    Some staff for phase 1:
    Kind of decrypter. Use if you don't want to decrypt finded text manually.
    вставить бинарно .com/

    Looking for proper input file? We have it.

    Some hints for last phase.
    For agents, who have found http://www.abs-temple.com/*.html
    Dislike "suggested" paths? Don't want to read tons of text? Don't want to PRAY?
    You can find the answer in this thread, but is this interesting?
    When u find the proper link - search for vulnerability. (do not think it is as easy as in previos mission about vulnerability, probably you should read texts, search for info and pray instead).
    "Decompiler" included IDEs aren't common thing. But sometimes it is easy to find.
    You know, after web-page is loaded browser can change something. Sometimes it is bad.
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  12. DrN0psl3d

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    So you have found 'heaven', where can you find the ABST? :)
  13. Medroesh

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    Thank you. I solved it the day after posting. Forgot to delete my comment.

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