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  1. Sanner

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    I've done 14 mission and I have a question about 14.5.
    I just googled some info about venezuela football and apodo word and ta-dam - wiki gave me veeeery big clue.
    But did not understand why is this recylcling symbol doing on pic? And colours black and red? wut? Explain please.
  2. Hououin Kyouma

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    Mission from hell.
    Not only does it have 5 parts, but they're all incredibly difficult, controversial and unintuitive too. The total difficulty of these five missions has been higher than that of all the previous missions that I've done combined (that includes the first 13 missions of season 2 and the entire first season).
    The first part has been really difficult, because I looked into all the banks, hedge funds and UN bodies in Venezuela before looking at what really mattered in Agent Azuro's dossier. Guess this one is on me, but it gets worse.
    I found the answer to part 2 in a matter of seconds, but the game wouldn't take my answer due to weird formatting problems or something of the sort. Only when I copied the answer from the fourth source that I found did it accept it, even though I double checked that there were no extra spaces anywhere before and didn't see any difference between any of them.
    Part 3 was fairly straightforward, even though the location didn't show up on the map at first.
    Part 4 is where it gets really controversial. Hugo Carvajal is an actual person, and a living one at that. One would expect the answer to be one of the government organizations that he was involved with, not a criminal organization, his involvement in which is not much more than a rumor at this time.

    And last comes part 5, the most unintuitive of them all. Here's a perfect answer that I've found for the password part:
    +Utilizes both of the colors in the picture.
    +The shirts (both, the replicas in the link and the actual ones worn by players) are made out of recycled plastic bottles, thus utilizing the symbol.
    +As we know from previous parts, Agent Azuro is German, not Venezuelan, therefore it logically follows, that he would likely use a team from Bundesliga for the password, using something that he knows and at the same time securing it against Venezuelan counterintelligence.

    Meanwhile, the real answer:
    -Doesn't utilize the black parts of the image.
    -Doesn't involve the recycling symbol (which, apparently, as I've found here, has been used in a previous version of the puzzle and is now just noise/dead weight in the image).
    -Blatantly obvious Venezuelan and likely the first team their spies would think about.

    As a matter of fact, I've found a DOZEN teams that would be a better password for part 5 than the actual password.

    I really hope there won't be missions like this in the future.
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  3. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    @Hououin Kyouma about part 4: i think the guy actaually died not that long after the mission got released (if he wasnt dead already) and he is/was actually pretty famous for his corrptedness and dealings in underground stuff...
    and with part 5: yes it is sort of misleading, but the symbol actually referred to something else...
    you were supposed to recycle the link extention in tiny.url or something, but thats from the older mission where you needed to find the cryptobin links as well (thise were good times)
    , and for the sake of good conversation, azuros isnt the sharpest tool, but we love him for that. (the word in the image can also be interpreted as a hint to where you have to look btw)
  4. klulka

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    What the hell? I'm trying to I'm trying to put the answer in for 14.5 and it's not letting me proceed. I watched videos of this mission to see if I got something wrong even copying the answers that I see at the end and it still comes out as the wrong code. can somebody help me please?
  5. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    yes its an annoying answer and yo have to be carefull with the [é]'s in it.
    for the format you should count out the letters as well i guess...
  6. klulka

    klulka New Agent

    The game won't let me copy and paste and I tried putting in what I saw in the video right where the solutions are after you solve the puzzle.
  7. clutterArranger

    clutterArranger Active Agent

    I totally agree with the part about 5th part and I really think devs should fix that.
  8. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent


    14.1 - Inside Job

    Don't bash your head against the wall by forgetting to see you need the WEB ADDRESS

    Our agent is multitalented. He has skills in analysis, finance, diplomacy and international relations. This skills can be used together, or they can be used independently. What languages does he speak? Does this translate to countries he can pretend (or not pretend) to be from? Caracas is Venezuela's largest city and it's Capitol. What companies, agencies or institutions in a captiol city are you more (or most) likely for find a foreigner? Are there any where you are absolutely guaranteed to find one?

    14.2 - Future Forecast
    A few googles will get you this one. Most government organizations go by an acronym - but remember, they speak Spanish there. (Although they may call it Castellano in their dialect. That's not relevant but now you know a useless fact and that's how you get good at ARG's)

    14.3 - Watering Hole

    I had a lot of problems with Google Maps here. Using the "Nearby" option didn't seem to work for me. Make sure to use the word "in" in your searches when telling google to look at Caracas. Without that, I was just getting places with Caracas in the name in my area - which is not Caracas. Yelp doesn't do Caracas, and having the wrong zoom level can cause you to miss locations entirely.

    First find the Finance Ministry - name's in Spanish. Look at the answer word lengths. A common 1 letter word in Spanish is 'y' meaning 'and.' 'Bar' is an almost universal word - and sometimes people like to some food and waiter service with it - especially bureaucrats.

    You're going to have to scan these streets. I didn't find what I was looking for until I was at the MAXIMUM zoom in level. Remember that Caracas is a dangerous city, and a financier isn't likely to stray too far off the main drag - nor walk more than a mile or so.

    14.4 Bird - broken into parts
    Bird Part 1
    You've been given images before - how have we dealt with steganography?
    Bird Part 2
    What can we see in the image we have been given? What is in the upper left corner? What could a text entry field pair with the word "scientific" and a rendering of an animal want from you? What colors do we see here? If you are colorblind, one is the stereotypical color of the sky, and one is the color of a New York City Taxi.
    Bird Part 3
    What language do they speak in Venezuela? What was the fast food chain in Breaking Bad? Once you've identified the individual in question, remember - there are many sources of information on the internet. I found my information most easily in a place where they carry All The News That's Fit To Print

    14.5 - Ball Part 1 - Opening the PDF
    Como se dice "apodo" in Ingles? Let's try to use the same strategy as last time, symbols, colors, etc. If you can't make out the colors, remember to Stay Classy, San Diego. Maybe take a break, have a drink, maybe a nice glass of adult's grape juice.

    14.5 - Ball Part 2 - Following the PDF's instructions
    At this stage you may wish that you paid more attention in Spanish class. I spent a lot of time doing the best I could with cognates and experience gained from my Spanish-speaking friends. Remember you are searching for government information, and the terms are going to be in Spanish. Did you know that pages on our favorite free encyclopedia can be changed by typing in "www.es. ...." Some of those pages have more information than their English counterparts -

    Here are some not-too-challenging Spanish terms for you to use:
    Grupo - Group
    Transporte - Transport
    9 (nueve) - 9 (nine)
    Aeropuerto - Airport
    Base Aérea - Air Base (accents matter here!)

    Bigger Nudge:
    Search not just for the group's name, but also what base it operates from.
    "Bundling your search terms" in quotes searches for everything as one unit.

    If you searched for ham and cheese it would search for "ham" and "cheese" on the page separately. If you search "ham and cheese" it will search for "ham and cheese" as a whole phrase.

    The base has a lot of names, make sure you find one that fits the syntax. It's a long syntax.

    This one was a doozy! And contrary to what the other players have said, I quite liked it.
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  9. Onesmy

    Onesmy Active Agent

    I got stuck for a while on the part 14.2 although the only answer I tried was the correct one in different formats... It might be better to slightly modify this part so it accepts more answers, and in particular the "proper" spelling of the answer, which is found on a lot of different sources (wikipedia among others).

    Don't bother putting any accent, that would just prevent you from finding the correct answer.

    Weirdly enough I didn't have this problem for other answers (in particular the last one).

    Also: I don't know who created this mission nor how many people worked on it, but this was very good. Wow.
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  10. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Senior Agent

    Need help on 14.1.
    I've been looking up jobs regarding data and financial analysis in Caracas, but I'm completely stuck!
    I started this whole "Butterfly Effect" Mission set back in November of 2016, and have been playing it on and off. I'm worried that at this rate, I won't be ready for Season 3 when it comes. I am questioning my abilities as an agent here...
  11. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    dont worry about feeling stuck, the answer isnt really as straightforward as you'd expect it to be...
    i think azuro's experience with finances is a HUUUUGE red herring
    try looking for places where it isnt weird to accept german people
  12. berzerk0

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    Regarding 14.1
    There are a few places where you are GUARANTEED to find foreigners.
    Not a prediction like "there will probably be Chinese people at this Chinese restaurant" - think of a location where it is assured by international agreement.
  13. Dgray

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    Note for 14.1
    This mission was made at a time when most web addresses were "http".
    Today they're largely "https"
    So try dropping the 's' from your answer.

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