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    Use this thread to discuss Mission 12 of Season 2.
    Feel free to post theories, clues, hints, or anything else, as long as you DO NOT POST THE ANSWER.

    I will keep this thread updated as more gets posted.
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    Okay... so part 1 of this mission... what on earth are they looking for? I have no idea
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    Been enjoying going through season 2 a lot but I had a difficult time with 12.1 as well, so I thought I'd write some hints for any future investigators.

    Read the report Wheeler sends you, all the information you need to figure out what was responsible for the activity is in there.
    What are the facts that jump out? Women, volcanoes, Chilean mythologies, sacrifices. Search accordingly.
    You're looking at the Inca Empire and their gods aren't you? That's too far in the past. The Chilean people have their own mythologies, gods and creatures.
    There was a 1960 Chilean sacrifice to 'calm the earth and ocean' you might have come across. It's unrelated to our case, but pay attention to which religion was involved, you'll find the answer in their myths.
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    Need assistance on part 12.2. I'm trying to trace the bitcoin transaction in blockchain, but when I enter the cryptocurrency address of the largest transaction, it doesn't show any results. What am I doing wrong (or more likely, overlooking)?
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    Try copy-pasting it into a notepad file first, and making sure you delete the break that's in the middle of it before you search the address.
  7. Lone Wolf

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    This is the address I entered:
    Still no joy...
  8. codex-13

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    You're missing a 'z' at the end.
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    Hopefully, you've figured it out by now but, if not...

    compare what you've posted here, with the code in the table; you may want to paste it into a notepad or textedit file to ensure you've not left in extraneous spaces, nor omitted any characters
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    12.1 - Cold Case

    Where is Lorenz's unsolved case located? Include that information in your requests to Wheeler. Wheeler is very particular about her spam filter - if relevant information isn't in the subject line she won't read it.

    What does the archival report say about the victims' behavior? What key words stick out that could be part of a search? What have we been able to associate these weather events to the appearance of?

    12.2 - Generous Donor

    This one can be a little foreign to those not familiar with the Cryptocurrency scene. The non-obvious (to me) thing that helped me clinch it was
    Individual transactions have web pages associated with them, where there may be some useful data

    12.3 - Background Check
    The document tells us we are looking for staff. Where on the Aconite website can we find out about staff? We are looking for staff with certain connections and skills. We are really watching them. Keeping a close eye. Making sure we have really seen what there is to see before moving on.
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    For anyone stuck on 12.2 Generous Donor, the blockchain.info site seems to have changed and no longer displays
    the IP address related to a transaction
    , which means there's no way of solving the puzzle. A few hours wasted with me wondering what I was doing wrong, and reluctantly had to resort to watching the twitch mission stream (link above) to discover the answer. First one I've had to 'cheat' on.
  12. codex-13

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    It's still available, but not in the same place it was before. I went through this mission with someone else not too long ago. If you click "View Tree Chart", you can see little circles that represent different locations that BTC was sent through. Clicking on a circle will give you an IP for that location.
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  13. Kingston

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    Thanks codex-13, you're entirely corect, I'd been to that page and just hadn't realised that part was clickable. Annoyed at myself for giving up too quickly!
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