Mission #10

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  1. Priathic

    Priathic Senior Agent

    Overthinking it here I think :)

    I want to be charitable with the answer to this, but maybe you should just look for something out of the ordinary. There must be something that seems to stand out. You can thank me later...
  2. silverXsword

    silverXsword New Agent

    found it xD thanks alot, yep was over thinking it too hard
  3. kelbris

    kelbris Senior Agent

    Unfortunately I am still stuck, I can't seem to find any vulnerabilities in the site.
  4. Moonshadow

    Moonshadow Active Agent

    Make sure you look all over the pages, top to bottom
  5. Agent preacher

    Agent preacher New Agent

    i tried it like 3 time before this but without the specific name

    fucking wording mechanics
  6. StijnVermeulen

    StijnVermeulen New Agent

    Is no one going to talk about Part 2? Is it that easy and am I just retarded?

    Edit: nevermind I found it, turns out I may be retarded
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  7. Agent Karmy

    Agent Karmy New Agent

    Maybe you are not looking for a word? maybe its something else you need?
  8. Astenion

    Astenion Active Agent

    Oh man, the devs could've given us some more leeway on that list. If you identify the item in question, that should suffice. I called the item in question from the very beginning but it kept getting rejected when I input the answer. Be advised that it's not necessarily the name of the item.
  9. MarkSilverius

    MarkSilverius Active Agent

    I am italian, i don't speak english
    parte 3
    a. date export log To Rosenberg Clinic
    b.Email in box(subject)
    c.date recent arrival (initials company/Organization)
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  10. Richard Castle

    Richard Castle Active Agent

    I definitely have no clue how much pound that makes a kilogram. My only legitimate hate against the game is using the damned imperial system so much. I know it adds authenticity to the game but I just can't stand it.
  11. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hey Agent @Richard Castle ! I am sorry about that, there is indeed some imperial unit, mathematical puzzle and language puzzle we snuck in Season 1. :(
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  12. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    I got the answer, but I don't know why. What does that have to do with anything? I'd like to understand.
  13. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    @mujie im not sure the context of your question, but im asuming you are referring to the supply list?
    because in that case
    try to look up the actual article and try to determine its actual weight...
  14. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    Not that one.

    The second part. The charitable hint. That made it pretty obvious, but what made people decide charity was suspicious?

  15. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    ooh.. that one makes more sense if you think about it
    what sort of people wouldnt be missed?
    edit.. wait isnt that the 3rd part?
  16. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    Yeah, it is. It's not that I'm stuck on that part. I know the answer, I typed in the answer, I beat mission 10, I just want to know the logic, otherwise what's the point?
  17. OmDeva

    OmDeva New Agent

    agree, it seems to come out of nowhere.
  18. Aprilhyde

    Aprilhyde New Agent

    When I got the answer and overviewed the all documents again,
    I just want to say "Oh my god...",
    There are lots clues and hints in the documents, and imagining what those people have done just sent shivers down my spine.
    So is that truth in real life?
    The truth is alway disgusting and the ones who got hurt are always innocent and pure
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  19. Osakachan

    Osakachan New Agent

    I was thinking right! Just typed wrong things about it. This helped a lot. Thanks.

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