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  1. Zerosh

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    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.
    Note: It's recomended to download all images and files in order to work with less difficulty.

    Part 1
    All you need is in the image
    Pay attention to unusual marks

    Part 2
    All you need is in the image
    Pay attention to small details
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  2. King Merrygold

    King Merrygold New Agent

    Part 1 took me much longer than it should have, until I realized
    it's only asking for half of the available information and there's a part 2 that asks for the other half
  3. RandolphCarter23

    RandolphCarter23 Active Agent

    I just started mission 1 today, am to understand mission 1 is a 2 part mission?
  4. Halforc80

    Halforc80 Active Agent

    Yes, Training Mission #1 has two answers to find and each one is required to be entered in their relevant, separate parts.
  5. RandolphCarter23

    RandolphCarter23 Active Agent

    Thanks a lot Halforc80, definately loving The Black Watchmen. Reminds me of The Stone, which I was not able to finish...
  6. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    Welcome to the Black Watchmen!

    We're gonna get you trained up and ready to begin.
    If you've needed to reach out for help already, don't worry.
    Agents help each other out, and getting started can be a bit of a whirlwind.

    For some missions, I've documented some hints at my problem solving method.
    They will help get you in the right frame of mind to move forward.


    I've tried to write this in such a way that you can get progressively stronger hints.
    Working it out yourself is the fun part, and where you really learn.
    Try the little nudges before moving on to the big ones.


    1-1.1 Hidden Meaning

    When you want to convey that a certain piece of text has extra meaning, you have some formatting options.
    Italicizing and making text Bold are common options - but they aren't the only way.

    For this section, we only need to look at the left half of the postcard.

    Slightly Bigger Nudge
    If you are an agent in the field, and you have found the position of your objective, what might you say to your superiors?


    1-1.2 Look Closer

    We looked at the left half of the postcard in 1.1 - where should we look now?

    Bigger Nudge:
    Mail coming from Hawaii is usually flown by air. Investigate the postmark.

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