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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sonne, Mar 29, 2017.

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    I am really relieved. This morning I received a phone call from Microsoft Windows Support. They said my computer notified them it had downloaded a bad virus and they were calling me to help me remove it.

    Being the computer illiterate old geezer that I am, of course I'd let them help me. [reaching to turn my router off] But I was really surprised that my computer told them about the virus because it isn't connected to the internet. The rep told me that it was true and to verify it, he told me my computer's ID was 00C04FD7D062 and that I could verify it by opening a command window and typing exactly as he said...

    Sure enough there was a line of gobbledygook that said something about CLSID of 00C04FD7D062. Well I am not a very good typist and it took several minutes of explaining for him to get me this far. He started to give me other instructions to type and I figured this had gone long enough.

    Switching to a more confident-competent-authority voice I thanked my support rep for taking all that time to help me and that we had talked long enough for my partners to trace his location and he should expect some visitors fairly soon. He hung up on me.


    I have no mercy for these people after what happened to my dad, I spent days rebuilding an unsecure computer and making sure his accounts were safe too. Now if our (edit, I'm in the USA) government could just protect its citizens from these guys, maybe turn the NSA loose for some fun...
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    there sure do seem to be a lot of issues trumping cyber security these days, ba dum pum tis
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    The thing I love about those calls is that if you screw around with them long enough to talk to a "supervisor," it's usually the same guy/gal with an affected voice.
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