Marcus Larson

Discussion in 'Suspected Missions' started by Kakuzen, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Kakuzen

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    Just saw this from Div66 twitter:
    2016-06-28 12.31.08.jpg
    Who is this Marcus Larson? G.K? Incheon Airport? Hmmm... any ideas? Incheon Airport is located in South Korea. Any ties to SIGIL and South Korea? Possible we may get some updates by the end of the week, if there is a brief on Friday and Saturday.
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  4. Kakuzen

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    FFS, oh well. But either way, I guess they all got a new office, eh? Sweet!

    EDIT: Yeah, Mission 204889. Shoot. I was hyped for a sec there ;P

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