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    So I created all the nodes of the Hivemind Editor in Maltego. You can use this to map out a network or to build the structure of a hivemind network. But keep in mind that you can NOT import/export this to the hivemind Editor.

    How to install
    - have Maltego installed
    - download the file bellow
    - open Maltego and use the big button to got to import -> import entities and select the downloaded file.


    - fixed the download link

    Version 1.1

    - Phone number is no longer restricted to numbers (so you can add a + if you want).
    - The name of the notes node can now be changed.
    - Fixed the calls node.

    Version 1.1.1

    - Added the XKeyscore entity
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    Oou.... very nice. Will install those icons later this week, cheers @Joris :D
  3. Joris

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    Glad you like them! If there is anything missing or incorrect please let me know.

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