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    Many generations ago, most of us lived peacefully to the north.
    We had overcome our many squabbles; there was peace between the peoples of the realm of Zarnaah.

    But then, the ice came, as had long been known it would; a lumbering glacier, higher than anything ever witnessed, pushed down upon our civilizations - with such adamancy and clemency that we were forced to leave home and belongings behind.
    Yet, we held no animosity towards the ice, however; we had long known it would happen. It was but a link in nature; a hope for rebirth and renewal, and so we accepted our fates, and ventured south.

    Our peoples became scattered, but we also found new friends.
    Friends that took us in, fed us, and let us be a part of their peoples, and things were good.

    Until they came.

    At first we heard stories of chilling winds wiping away the crops of remote villages.
    "An unfortunate fluke, nothing of it", we thought.
    Then, the wind took friends.
    We gritted our teeth and accepted natures will once more.
    It wasn't until the Frozen attacked outright that we realized; this wasn't natures hand, and questioned ourselves whether it had ever been.
    Yet it was too late. All but the most fortified of our capitals fell to the Frozen; creatures of frost and death, bent on removing what warmth remained in our world.

    Now, our friends are suffering.
    We ourselves are scattered across the known world, unconnected, like seeds of autumn.
    And each day, all things grow colder.

    Few are brave enough to venture back north - back to where it all began, back to find the source of this unnatural ice.
    Worse still, we have had no need to fabricte weapons with which to fight for generations, and all we had was surrendered to the glacier long ago. So the souls that do seek North, must make do with what they find.

    Delving through the myriad shifting caverns underneath the glacier, and the chilling creatures that lurk there - suredly in greater numbers than we have ever seen - is the fate they face.

    It is a dungeon of intuition; of navigating the ever-changing caverns, and finding our lost tools of war, so they can, hopefully, save the peoples of our friends from our own fate, if not undo what nature never did.

    A fool's hope, perhaps.
    But hope, nonetheless.
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    Wow. :) Epic, I love it!

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