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  1. Zerosh

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    First of all a word from our puppet master @Jarobi :
    Some live events deal with real world locations, and can involve real world businesses, individuals and organizations.
    It is important to remember that when participating in a live event, the real world entity may not know the details of the game, or even that they are part of it.

    In short, this means:
    - Do not harass someone in the real world for information. Be polite and respectful.
    - Do not do anything illegal, or that would attract the attention of authorities.

    End of quote.
    - - -

    Live events are very dynamic and any lead could be the correct one. For that reason anyone participating is a key asset and the flow of information must be as dynamic as the event, if not more.

    Any information is worth sharing, even if it seems meaningless. This can be done on the IRC chat or in the forums under the Ongoing or Suspected Missions.

    If any breakthrough is done or any new piece of information is found it should be promptly shared, either on the IRC chat or in the forums. This course of action saves time, saves resources and speeds up the process.

    No one is prescindible. As the saying goes, "A single grain of rice can tip the scale". If you don't know what is going on please ask politely. If you see someone lost or asking for help, plese help. This favour teamwork and teamwork favours successful operation.

    Lastly, it is not forbidden to work in smaller groups, but for the sake of the community these groups should be as open as possible and should follow the guidelines above mentioned, relying any advance to the main channels of comunicacion, the IRC chat or the forums.

    Note: These aren't rules set in stone, they are more what you'd call "guidelines", but it is encouraged to follow them for the sake of the community.
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  2. Bats

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    This can also be viewed from an in-game or RP perspective:
    TBW is a shadowy and secretive organization that doesn't want to attract undue attention to itself or its agents. In addition, tipping off the possible subject of an investigation could easily compromise the entire operation. So, any contact with outside individuals or organizations should always be conducted so as not to arouse any suspicion.

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