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    It has occurred to me that our communication within the Agency lacks in one essential area. In the event that an agents finds themselves on a live mission, their is no proper way to rally fellow agents in a timely manner.

    This thread is here to provide that notification to fellow agents. We are all around the world in various time zones and have our cover jobs which occupy our times. In order to best reach you we have devised this simple method.

    This singular thread will act as the Live Event Notification thread. When a Live Event has been initiated then one person needs to simply post in this thread about the live event and to gather.

    Example: Live event "X" has been initiated. All available agents gather in IRC at 18:00 UTC.

    Just provide what is useful. For those of you who want the immediate alerts you can watch this thread.


    Just click Watch Thread and set it so you receive email notifications.

    Good luck Agents!

    MODERATOR NOTE: This thread is exclusively for announcing the start of new live events, all off topic discussions have been removed. Email updates go out to everyone in this thread, so please do not post if it does not relate to announcing a live event.
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    Operation Winterharvest is a go
  4. JantsoP

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    Operation menance started
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    Some agents recived a call, forum post TBD
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    Situation room change
    DARK AVALON start
    Phone call about agent in danger
    All hands on deck!
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    Shout out to those that missed the email and are still subscribed to this topic; operation TIDALVORTEX is now active.

    Updates are made in this document and in the gamedetective wiki

    forum discussions can be held in this topic
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