Letter to Dr. Rosenberg

Discussion in 'General' started by Hulluruoho, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Hulluruoho

    Hulluruoho Active Agent

    Dear Dr. Rosenberg

    It has been very intriguing to follow your research and learn about your investigations and results regarding Condition R36. Your latest notes are from some time ago and am not sure about the status of your current research efforts. I hope to learn about them soon and hope they are very active indeed.

    In case you are considering additional test subjects to assist with your Subproject 82, I would like you to consider me as potentially good candidate. My enhanced synaptogenesis, dendridogenesis and neurogenesis would certainly be of interest to you.

    With endoplasmic greetings,
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  2. exibition

    exibition Senior Agent

    Dear Hulluruoho,
    Although I appreciate your wish to contribute to scientific advancement, I did not know that you had suicidal tendencies.
    I would not let Dr. Rosenberg lay his hands (let alone his experiments) on me for any reason in the world.
    What if Grisha and me need to come to your rescue?
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  3. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    if you dont mind being experimented upon, i still got a vacancy in the Micro-C labs called "test subject" open for volunteers.
    I was thinking about experimenting with BDNF related research
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  4. Hulluruoho

    Hulluruoho Active Agent

    Mr. Zaelong, Sir

    Thank you for contacting me and how interesting to hear about your research. Eventhough my knowledge about Dr. RosenbergĀ“s previous research efforts is still somewhat limited, I am educating myself about those details as we speak. However, already now, I am certain that being part of continued investigations and experimentation on the area of his research is of highest interest to me.

    Like my Agent Name and Avatar suggests, I am very skilled and knowledgeable with various, particularly naturally occurring substances with significant effects on Fauna. Alongside the Nordic Lore and Occult, my specialism is botanics.

    Without rushing things too much at this point, I hope we can keep in contact and you allow me an opportunity to learn more about your plans in near future.


    PS. Now when the holiday season is over and it is time to freshen up our lairs, do not use your Christmas Star plants unintentionally for salad, just dump them. ;)
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