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Discussion in 'General' started by Lamed, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Lamed

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    While playing the game, I made an extensive use of reverse image search engines. This was sometimes usefull, sometimes not, and it has probably saved me a lot of time on some of the puzzles.
    I wondered several time if these engines are something the developpers wanted me to use, or if they would consider using them as cheating. Most of the time I just felt like it was ok to use any tool that is available, but there were moments when I felt somewhat guilty about it.
    The main problem are the puzzles where the images are generic photos that can be bought online. Most of the time, when you discover this, you know with certainty that images are not important here and that you should focus on the text.
    What are your fellings about these tools? Do you use them? Do you think I would have more fun without using them?
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    I really want people to have fun, that's the only reason I make these games. Play as a group, use image search, encyclopedia, walkthrough to help you, etc... that's perfectly fine! As long as you have FUN! :)

    The only thing I ask is do not try to hack the game, or bruteforce your answer with automated tools.
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