Is Mission 15 Flawed?

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    I got stuck at mission 15, so i went on the forums to get some hints. It seems i wasn't far of. The first three hints 14 years old, coffin, pox didn't get me any closer, cause i already thought of those. Now the forth one said "The Scandalous Father of Civil Liberty"... and the fifth one "Chapter 1" - i found it a bit strange, that my only lead on "The Scandalous Father of Civil Liberty" was source on the wiki page. so i headed of to youtube to check out why i wasn't getting the solutions.

    It turns out i didn't do anything wrong. I was exactly on the right path to solving this mission. I even did a google search similar to what he did in the video, but i got different results. Then i typed in exactly what he did in the video, and still different results.

    When doing the google search he does in the video i get an extra message: Nogle resultater kan være fjernet i henhold til den europæiske databeskyttelseslov. - It roughly translates to: Some results may be removed according to EU data protection.

    The key, at least i think it is the key, to solving this puzzle is inside Chapter 1 of that book. But i can't access that information directly from google. I did have the clues right, but i didn't have the ability to google search my way closer to an answer.

    Knowing that there is key information in this book, i am able with a decent amount of computing knowladge able to find an eBook version of the book free of charge, but it doesn't have the search option, as the guy have in the youtube video. A more casual EU player, would have to go to the library, and hope they have it in stock - but this can't be the intention.

    Is this a flaw, that the developers didn't think of, or is there another painstaking way, that the developers wants you to find this information?
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    Cheers for the feedback - just tried doing the search as well, and it does indeed appear that it isn't readily viewable via, for example, google books. I'll forward it to Anashel and Jarobi. :)

    As you mention, it is possible to find other sources, but it appears many times harder to come across without a very specific search phrase.
    I was able to find
    this, using a phrase quoted directly from the book itself - but evne then, there were only 4 hits, 3 of which was from the same site as above.

    Either way, I'll pass it on to the Devs, as mentioned.

    Oh, and good to see another Dane here. ;)
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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into possible solutions immediately.
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    How do you guys make that spoiler alert box? its awesome -.-

    I guess one solution would be to edit the wiki page for John Wilkes. There's a part saying "He was known to have fathered at least five other children." This could be edited to provide some kind of hint, without giving away the answer and not screwing up the wiki page. But this ofcourse would be at the mercy of other wiki users.

    This might not be very usefull, but thats why im not a game designer. Im a programmer and a musician. A wierd combo, that makes me pretty much useless ;-)
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    I agree that editing the wiki page a little would make things immensely easier, in terms of searching.

    As for the spoiler box, you do it by putting [ spoiler ] [/ spoiler] (without the spaces) around whatever you want spoiled You can also add an =(something) after the first spoiler thing, inside the brackets, to name the tag something. So:

    Like This

    And don't worry about the programmer/musician thing. I'm just trucking along as a high school student/musician/writer combo. :p
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