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Discussion in 'General' started by codex-13, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. John Simon

    John Simon New Agent

    Hello everyone. I am John Simon. Glad to join this community.
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  2. Foehammer418

    Foehammer418 Active Agent

    Greetings Agents, my name is Foehammer and my AO is the West Coast of the USA. I have some experience with the BW and NITE Alpha, however my skill is more focused in information gathering and not processing. My personal experience with espionage is more field work than analyzing, though a good agent must be able to do both. I will probably ask for assistance with data sifting, but I work hard to get what I find.

    Good luck to you all and I look forward to seeing you all in the field.

    P.S. If you enjoy RPGs and themes like the BW & NITE 4, I recommend Classic Spycraft ;)
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  3. Steelgramps

    Steelgramps Gold Member

    God afton from Sweden Agents!

    I joined the Black Watchmen back in early july of 2015, and have followed the development of all of Alice & Smiths games. From TBW all the way up to now NT4, and i will continue to follow to see where the wizards will take us next.
    I expect to be frustrated, educated, elated but above all else entertained by this game just as much as i have by the previous ones!

    See you all out there on the web!

    @Foehammer418 i loved Spycraft back in the day!
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  4. cyberis

    cyberis New Agent

    I'm Cyberis but you could probably call me LateToThisParty. I was hacking long before it was cool (and that's a long time ago). I found this on Steam early access and had to buy it as soon as I saw it. I was an Intel Analyst for most of the US three letter agencies you would be interested in. I'm also a CEH so I always play for the good guys. It was pretty cool to see at least references to actual tech that I use to pentest, though firing up Kali or Black Arch is a lot more fun. What isn't fun is that I never get to just break into stuff because White Hat. So anytime a hacking game let's me do that, well that's more fun (and no reports to be written afterwards). I wish I had seen this game during it's Kickstarter. I could have provided some real assistance. First the game was too ambitious and didn't get near enough funding. Second, rather than relying only on Snowden docs, I could have been a subject matter expert for both the intel and the hacking mechanics. But it is what it is and I enjoyed the small amount of Academy and the initial Project Castle Ivy mission. Some of it is entertaining and the academy links to the real world toolkits are encouraging. I have't quite figured out how to get into the live missions or player created content yet. So I'll be seeing you around and eating your defenses for lunch (really it will be just more of an in between meal snack).
  5. greyhaxor

    greyhaxor Active Agent

    I'm greyhaxor. I've been doing this longer than most of you have been alive. I started when I was 9 and that was a long time ago. I found that straddling the gray area is quite a challenge. I only call it a gray area because your definition of good and mine are different. I work in darkness to bring the light but never step into it myself. It works best that way. Looking forward to playing NITE Team 4.
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  6. 229

    229 New Agent

    I'm basically lost but lovin' it. xD seriously
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  7. Hidraslick

    Hidraslick Active Agent

    Hello all my name is Hidraslick I love programming but I'm not very good at it at all, however, I like to do it anyway as a hobby, so I love this type of games, they help me with keyboard practice. I'm not very active at any forum but if you send me a PM I will answer it. :)
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  8. w0rmer

    w0rmer Active Agent

    Hello, I'm w0rmer. I'm from the USA and yeah, I am THAT w0rmer. I love hacking and I love video games, the moment I saw this one I jumped on it. Happy to help if anyone gets stuck, I am currently just cracking my way through the hivemind.
  9. raul_ct

    raul_ct Moderator

    Whoah! Nice to have you here!
  10. Scantr0n

    Scantr0n New Agent

    Hey there!

    I'm from Oregon and I stumbled onto this game while researching cybersecurity and ethical hacking. This seems to be a pretty cool way to understand techniques used in real situations. Also, I love the puzzle aspect of it. I just finished the first mission and can't wait for the full release. I'd love to work with others on solving the more difficult missions.
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  11. wiley17402

    wiley17402 New Agent

    Hello I am Dan from Pennsylvania USA, i am 33 and suffer / blessed with Aspergers (social autism) and adhd , bipolar , and i dont work so i have a easy life of gaming and sleeping when ever i choose :) lol anyway love the game so far , in other games i like to craft items, mostly mmorpgs , also i love asian culture and studying tagalog and thai langagues, also build websites
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  12. roden

    roden New Agent

    Hello everyone!
    Agent Røden here! I am from Montevideo, Uruguay and I have been working in IT for almost 6 years which 3 of those years are in Cyber Security. I am usually messing around in hack the box.. I came across this game in Steam searching for a Hacknet and Uplink alternatives.. so, here I am and so far, this game has HUGE potential! Specially with the openworld idea and multiplayer, that is like creating a Tinc mesh network and play CTF with friends or blue team vs red team! (not the halo one lmao)
    Right now I am doing story missions and the open world challenge.
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  13. bissen

    bissen Active Agent

    Hi everyone. I´m Agent bissen26 from sweden and I love all Alice & Smith game, but Nite team 4 is awsome. I´m going through a big operation soon in dec, so I can spend a lot of time with this game when I recover. And I think you are doing a great job Anashel and the rest of the crew. Take care Agents. ;)
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  14. r0ot

    r0ot New Agent

    Greetings everyone. My name is ********* also known as r0ot or フクロウ・オカミ depending on who you ask ^^. I have travelled a lot but my home will still be France. I am still young but I have already done a few CTF. I found this game like many in the suggested tab of games like Hacknet and love the idea behind the game. Hope to see you guys in gameand みんななかにプレをしましょ。

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