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Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by Dalamus, Jul 28, 2018.

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    So I was messing around with Hivemind checking for Intel I could trade and I noticed that some of the Intel isn't working quite correctly. It's quite minor compared to other bugs but I thought I'd let you know all the same.

    Alpha Centauri IRM Reponse Soundfile:
    Shows up on trading screens but not in the inventory.

    Arkham Asylum SOAP Note 1941:
    Will remain locked in inventory even after a successful trade.

    MS 408 Key:
    Not sure if this is a bug but it doesn't seem to exist on any Hivemind network. Could be coincidence.
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  2. LogThatData

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    Thanks for posting this!
    The Alpha Centauri and Arkham Asylum intel files have been bugged since the Alpha, if I'm not mistaken, and will be replaced fairly soon, anyway. Didn't know about MS408 yet, will be sure to inform the others.
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  3. zaelong

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    the MS408 thing isnt really a bug, but rather because the old intel items are randomly awarded, and none of the hivemind creators thought of adding it to their trading list
    if you didnt get it during the missions, its just that youre unlucky.
    but stuff's is going to change Soon(tm), so no need to worry about it yet
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  4. Dalamus

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    Thanks for your quick reponses mods! Yeah I wasn't completely sure about MS408 but thanks for clearing it up! Looking forward to new changes for sure.

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