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  1. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Senior Agent

    Subject: Backup Required

    A few months back, I submitted a report regarding the Ingress Conflict and the dangers it could present to mankind ( I have been passively monitoring the Resistance from within their ranks, so far my cover remains intact.

    I embedded myself within their ranks because my initial observations have led me to see their goals as similar to our own, protecting humanity from a paranormal threat. Now, after a few facts have made themselves known, I see that this is not the case. If left unchecked, the actions of the Enlightened and Resistance will either leave humanity enslaved to an outside force, or the victims of an inter-dimensional war.

    One thing is clear: I am in way over my head. I am requesting the help of any available agents to investigate this conflict, the dangers it can present, as well as possible solutions. This conflict has been waged in the shadows for years, and has an extensive history as a result. We need Scientists to study this conflict and analyze any intel they find. Any available Spies should infiltrate either the Enlightened or Resistance, and gather as much intel as possible on the organizations as well as nearby XM Portals and Control Fields. It may also help to have Soldiers on standby, in case if heavy field work is required. In any case, all agents involved in this investigation should download the Ingress app in order to conduct field operations.

    I plan on submitting reports on anything of interest to this thread. I encourage everyone else involved to do the same.

    Stay Vigilant,

    Agent Lone Wolf
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  2. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    As a Cybertech, I can research this phenomenon and other events linked to it to see what we can do to prevent this endgame scenario. I believe that the game has a database itself that I can look into and find info on anything pertaining to the conflict. I will keep you posted.
    I have recently rejoined the game myself (M1ch3langell0, Enlightened) and discovered a rather creepy message from an "Acolyte of Roland Jarvis." Needless to say, I am quite disturbed by it. I agree that we need to end this conflict soon before something terrible happens
  3. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

  4. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Senior Agent

    Glad to have you on onboard Agent Wo1fsBan3. Good to have a set of eyes on the Enlightened.
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  5. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Senior Agent

    It has been some time since I reported in. I found the following report sitting in my case files, unfinished. I managed to find an opportunity to break from my student work and finish this report. It is unknown how often I will be able to submit my findings (I still have some work to do regarding the aftermath of OPAL 5). I also would like to take this opportunity to call on any available agents to report in to this thread if they wish to aid in this investigation. And now, my report:

    Subject: ADA

    ADA (A Detection Algorithm) is a high level asset within the Resistance. Originally an AI created to aid in the development of the Niantic Project (which seems to be the catalyst of this conflict), she has evolved overtime. When the NIA (a top secret US Government agency commissioned to study Exotic Matter) threatened to shut down the Niantic Project, she managed to escape. Afterwards, she somehow managed to merge with the mind of Klue, another Resistance asset. Though it is unknown how exactly ADA managed to do this, I suspect it has something to do with a Glyph Sequence that ADA showed Klue.

    Since then, ADA has been advancing her agenda of merging human minds with AI. I have uncovered a few transmissions of conversations between ADA and Klue. From what I can tell, this occurred during a series of XM Anomalies known as Intertius.

    Eventually, the Acolyte and Roland Jarvis (both are high level Enlightened assets, though my intel on them is limited) found a way to terminate ADA by the end of a series of Anomalies known as Aegis Nova. I have a feeling that Resistance agents allowed her to be terminated after learning of her agenda. A member of the Resistance known as Jahan tried to rally agents to stop the termination, but ultimately failed.

    Shortly after the events of Aegis Nova, a group of Resistance Agents emerged calling themselves the “New Wave” Resistance. They had one single goal: Not just to revive ADA but make her stronger than before. To do this, they first salvaged fragments of ADA’s code from after Aegis and implanted it into their bodies using biohacks. During the Anomaly known Via Lux, the Resistance emerged victorious, and managed to revive ADA.

    Days after Via Lux ended, a written story from Howard Craft (the pseudonym HP Lovecraft used to publish a series of stories after Howard’s death that was seemingly influenced by XM) showcased a mysterious ritual taking place…and at the center of the ritual was ADA.

    It is possible that ADA’s revival might be tied to a mysterious weapon known as “Tecthullu”. It is my understanding that this was the focus of the Anomaly known as Via Noir. Unfortunately, I have little intel regarding this Anomaly.


    That's all I have for now. I will continue to passively monitor this conflict, and report back when I can.

    Stay Vigilant,

    Agent Lone Wolf
  6. Jimbo9

    Jimbo9 Special Agent

    Agent Jimbo reporting in.

    I've been more or less following the Niantic Project since its beginnings, hidden among the ranks of Resistance agents. During the last year, I was present on the ground at various Anomaly Sites (places which temporarily exhibit anomalous Exotic Matter activity).
    During Via Noir Anomaly, I was present in Rome, and I think I can fill in some intel gaps:

    Leading up to the event, investigation revealed that man known as Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is trying to build the "Tecthulhu" machine, and that his effort is nearing completion.
    During the Anomaly, Resistance and Enlightened agents fought for the control of this machine.
    Little is known of its exact structure and function, but some sources claim it is highly advanced technology, both organic and synthetic. It may have connections to many older secret projects like Die Glocke, and some groups in the past have tried to build a machine like this, but the results of their efforts are not known.

    Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s plan to activate his machine has failed - thanks to the actions of all agents, urged by Dr. Devra Bogdanovich, who expressed great concern at so much power in the hands of one, emotionally unstable man. Enlightened faction prevailed and found the Lynton-Wolfe's lab, then went to work analyzing what remained of his work.
    Here you can see his reaction after the destruction of the machine:

    "Where there was one, there will be many"- quite possibly the "Tecthulhu" was not truly destroyed and will emerge in some form again...

    Some time later, leaked conversations began to emerge about the history of the Niantic Project at CERN between Jay Phillips (former NIA agent and its current director) and the government. This means more and more people and organizations are becoming aware of Exotic Matter and its implications, which can be interesting...
    Most of these conversations revolved around Magnuses (groups of Exotic Matter sensitives, which have been created throughout the history) consisting of 13 Archetypes (Catalyst, Alchemist, Dreamer, Explorer, ...). The group working at Niantic Project at CERN is one of those Magnuses, each researcher (and even ADA) representing one Archetype. These groups are thought to have great influence on the era they form in.

    Most recently, an event is planned to take place in the forests of Northern California, called Magnus Reawakens. From its description:
    A plan emerged. A plan for a new kind of device, one that could tap into the XM network and reveal the state of a Portal for all to see.

    Selected teams of agents will be given access to one of 13 Tecthulhu modules based on Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu -- a specialized modification of the Ingress Scanner that can be used to bring an interactive, living Portal to life.

    Seems like we have not heard the last of the mysterious Tecthulhu machine. I will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.

    End of report.
  7. RandolphCarter23

    RandolphCarter23 Active Agent

    Things have taken an extreme turned, it seems there might a third faction rising, from the disappoint risen from the other two factions, and now military operative and enlightened agent is leading the NIA
  8. RandolphCarter23

    RandolphCarter23 Active Agent

    That agent is none other the Hank Johnson!!
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  9. RandolphCarter23

    RandolphCarter23 Active Agent

    any one else it's still keeping up with the ingress investigation?
  10. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Senior Agent

    Honestly, the whole storyline to Ingress is a little hard to follow, especially if you’re a newcomer like me. And there only seems to be a handful of Agents involved here. And the story outcomes of the Anomalies are difficult to predict.

    Personally, I may be able to follow it better when Ingress Prime (Ingress v2.0) comes out, the story is supposed to go through a bit of a reboot then. Maybe then more Agents will become involved.
  11. Point Break

    Point Break Active Agent

    Agent reporting:
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    Agent out
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  12. Point Break

    Point Break Active Agent

    Agent reporting:
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    Agent out
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  13. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Senior Agent

    Subject: Is the Ingress Conflict Worth the Agency’s Attention?

    After a long period of silence, I felt that I should address the fallout of an event that occured in the secret war between the Resistance and the Enlightened. From what I can gather, during late May of 2018, a large group of agents from both factions, as well as other key figures, gathered at Camp Navarro, California. I believe their objective was to recreate the experiment conducted by the NIA that first exposed the existence of Exotic Matter (XM). The incident was referred to as OSIRIS EPIPHANY NIGHT.

    The agents constructed various structures and devices connected to existing XM Portals. My guess is that these constructs enhanced the XM saturation in the area, whether or not this was intended is unknown. What I know for sure is that the XM was used to create a kind of “bridge” to a parallel timeline, where major points in the Ingress Conflict had not happened as of yet. In other words, the agents involved in the incident had used massive amounts of XM to press a reset button, to a certain degree. Much like the incident at the Niantic Project was the catalyst for this conflict several years ago, the incident at Camp Navarro became the catalyst for the conflict in this timeline. This temporal anomaly seems to have affected the entire world, whether they realize it or not.

    Once my Scanner was functioning properly (or at least better than when it was first improved upon with Ingress: Prime’s release), I continued my undercover work within the Resistance. Since EPIPHANY NIGHT, my intel sources have gone silent, and I have been unable to keep up with any major points that may or may not have occured within the conflict. One thing I have noticed is the lack of mentioning the Shapers or Nazeer, but have seen evidence of their existence when hacking into Portals.

    My question is this: is this something that The Black Watchmen should still be concerned about? After a conflict that lasted a few years, there doesn’t seem to be anything substantial happening. Even then, the results of the actions from both factions have been difficult, if not impossible, to predict. And this is made even more complicated after the temporal anomaly at EPIPHANY NIGHT, rendering most (if not all) of our previous intel useless.

    What are your opinions in this? Is there any evidence contrary to what I’ve gathered? Should we still keep an eye on this conflict, just in case? Is there a way we can influence the conflict if it presents a danger? At present, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do.

    Stay Vigilant,

    Agent Lone Wolf
  14. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Senior Agent

    Subject: Situation Contained

    It has been two years since my last report, but I believe that the threats this conflict may have posed have been neutralized. Some time ago, major players in the Resistance and Enlightened, members of the original XM Research Group, were abducted by a mysterious group calling themselves "Nemesis". Following this, the members of Nemesis caused a number of XM Anomalies across the globe, forcing Agents from both factions to work together to combat this new group. My intel on these Nemesis operatives are limited, and I have nothing of note to present, save for the fact that they were defeated, and they were from a universe that was ravaged by XM, possibly as a result of the eon-long conflict between the Shapers and the N'zeer. Overtime, these Anomalies became focused around something known as The Tessellation.

    The Tessellation is the membrane that protects us from Exogenous entities (The Shapers and N'zeer). After learning about the disasters in Nemesis' world and long debate, the Researchers have finally decided to reform our membrane, cutting out Exogenous influence. in turn, the purified XM energy on Earth would become safer for scientific, artistic, and other usages. In order to do that, the Agents have revisited 196 Portals to collect 196 Tesserae and completed the Tessellation Board. Tones extracted from each individual Tesserae were used to compose a musical piece, called the World Resonance. With all the Prime Artifacts ready, the Agents and Researchers figured out how to combine the powers of 13 Prime Artifacts in a particular order. Finally, combine all of the above to tune the Tessellation. This is an intercepted transmission of the final Operation. The Researchers assembled the elements; from that emerged a Tecthulhu that took the shape of an Ouroboros.

    What happened next is unknown, but one thing seems to be certain: the Shapers and N'zeer pose no threat to our world any longer. Whatever goals either entities had have been halted. XM still has a strong presence in our world, but it is now "purified". Any alterations it has on the human mind will not be influenced by alien forces.

    I recommend we still monitor XM to see if it has any drastic effects on humanity. But for now, I think we can consider any threats made by this conflict to be nullified.

    Stay Vigilant,

    Agent Lone Wolf
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