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Discussion in 'Share Your Feedback' started by archdruidardanos, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. archdruidardanos

    archdruidardanos Active Agent

    Hey Devs,

    Had some fun with all the riddles so far. But i encounter the issue that the ingame notepad is not able to hold as much info sometimes needed to solve a riddle in addition it is a shame that it is not save able during sessions.

    So you have to tab out store it in e.g. notepad++ to have it available over sessions.
    In addition give an indication how much characters left to write on one page of in game notepad or make it "endless".

    the other option would only be playing this game in a window mode but then you will lose some immersion presented if run in full screen.

    Maybe that is at thing you could look into for a future update.

    keep going
  2. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    I have to second that. Knowing that the following is in no way considered productive feedback, but the ingame notepad is useless. Like a joke without punchline.
    Please add at least a saving function and multiple tabs, or remove it.
    For a game that is based on information as entities and their relations, its hard to believe that there is no proper way to handle them ingame.
    I would love to see an advanced solution for organizing information implemented. -> a simplified mind map (Maltego).

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