Individual Propaganda And Cell Building

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    I've been toying with this idea since posting the start of my own simple puzzle chain on facebook and getting a positive reaction (only 1 solve though.) Using the propaganda kit I made up a minimalist business card that I can have printed up and that I can place at various locations where there's a good chance that like minded people will take them up, provided the business owners do not mind. Places such as lan centers, trading card game shops and the like, and there are several of them in the area. For this reason I chose to use binary as the first clue on the card, something easily identifiable to those who frequent such locations and those two puzzles should be quite easy for those who try, directing them right at TBW.
    The ultimate goal for this is firstly to get more people involved in TBW and secondly to cultivate a potential "cell" of agents locally to collaborate, especially during live events, lan party, pizza the whole works.
    With any luck we might even be able to organize our own puzzle scavanger hunt at a local, smaller scale anime convention this halloween for the convention goers. If that is the case, what is the precident for agent run "live events" and what are the guidelines for how closely it should be associated with TBW, visually or otherwise given that we don't represent Alice and Smith?

    Sorry for typos, doing this from mobile.

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    Cards are ordered

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    Yasssss the cards came early! For some reason the backs turned out grey but I actually kind of like it. I will begin sowing the seeds of intrigue this weekend, I'll be taking pictures of the more discrete drops, though I will be placing them at the counters of willing business as well.

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    Wow, I like it! :)
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    I’m curious about this one, but the links to the pictures do not work.
    Can you provide a working link please?

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