Incident Report 17717

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    Filed by: On-Call security officer, at North Wing medbay

    [Report Starts]
    The day started like any other day. A couple agents got drunk in the mess overnight, but that wasn't in all odd. I had just finished making my rounds when I lost communication with my colleagues. Then, the things came. They seemed to be androids, chasing after a kitten. I alerted them to my presence and was attacked. They used strange weapons, that fired light instead of bullets, and had strange headgear on- a purple eyepiece covering one 'eye,' if you could call it that. I barely managed to duck into a security office before being killed, or at least incapacitated. I tried to boot up the security feed, but everywhere I tried, error messages popped up. Then, a small group of agents, including the some of the group that I saw getting drunk, as well as my boss, ran past the office, attacking and destroying the androids. It was at that point that I collapsed. One of the bastards managed to hit me in the side with their strange light-guns. I don't remember much after I passed out. At some later point, I saw my boss carrying another of the group on his back, running towards the medbay. At that point, the security cams were working, if poorly. I could see little and less, but on the camera in the data hub, I could make out another agent nursing a wound, and what looked like a larger android collapsed in the corner. I slammed the alarm button, and passed out. And now, here we are.
    [Report Ends]

    Further reports needed from: Agents involved (Silversword, Wo1fsBan3, Maerwinter), head of AWTD (Zephyrous) about the androids, head of IT (Birdseye) for a report on the datahub

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