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    In light of Agent Birdseye's death, the agency has required reports from everyone involved in the incident. However, since the only agent preset at the time of death was Agent Wo1fsBan3, there is only one point of view in from the Rico-Alpha vault. This is Agent Wo1fsBan3's report:
    ====begin report====
    I heard the alert, and since nobody else was on duty, I hurried down to the Archives, with weapons and armor. By some stroke of luck, I managed to get into the Rico-Alpha vault with her. She told me she needed her own soul. I was ordered to contain her and prevent her from obtaining said soul. We fought, her with tentacles, a switchblade, and her own abilities, me with my sword and armor. I won, I think. She died suddenly- not of my own hand, however hard that may be to believe. I rushed her to the medbay, hoping she could be helped. She couldn't. I mourn her loss.
    ====end report====

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