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Discussion in 'ARG Support' started by Myers, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Myers

    Myers Active Agent

    Hi everyone, first of all i'm new to ARG and english isn't my native language, so please excuse any mistakes. I've been playing client missions for 2 days, but when i began reading this forum, i realized that this game is so much deeper than i thought. i think, i don't understand ARG concept. Maybe i should change my playstyle; they give me a mission then i start some digging for the answer when i find it, i move on to next mission. There is a thread about useful tools that we can use for this game(http://forums.blackwatchmen.com/index.php?threads/agent-toolbox.593/), but so far i didn't need most of them for anything, i just use this site http://www.asciitohex.com/ and google. I would appreciate it if someone can help me out.
  2. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hi Myers!

    The further you will progress in the game, the more various tool you will need. These tools are also use for live mission that include more sophisticated and group oriented puzzle.

    What mission are you at in the game?
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  3. Myers

    Myers Active Agent

    I am at mission 8.
  4. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Hi Myers! The puzzles get more difficult as you go along. If you're not a native English speaker, you may have some luck finding players who speak your language who can help you with the harder puzzles in some of the language-specific subforums we have here, or you can ask around in the IRC. We have a lot of multinational players and a really strong community. You'll definitely need a lot of those tools as you get deeper into the game. Welcome to the Agency!
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  5. Myers

    Myers Active Agent

    thanks for the quick replies, now i understand better.
  6. sethloewen

    sethloewen Active Agent

    Anashel, I have a question for you. I have no clue how to join live missions, and I really love the idea and was hoping to be part of one. Is there any way I can join one? Thanks in advance!
  7. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

  8. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    There is one live event left in this season. You will be notified by email from [email protected]
    The steam community hub for TBW also shows updates for mission sets and live event updates ( the same ones you see in your email) .
  9. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    To clarify: we THINK there is one live event left, judging by the steam achievements. But in Season 1 we had an event during the 'down period' for Halloween that nobody predicted up until a day or two before it happened, so there's always a chance something weird will happen!
  10. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    I am hoping we have 1 live event, and the green level Live mission. But you never know what the DEVs will add :D

    And we still have the HH puzzle ( FOR THOSE WHO COMPLETED IT) left (source = DEVS)

    And the season 2 puzzle pieces mission.
  11. raul_ct

    raul_ct Moderator

    HH still on?
    Thougth that was the selection for black agent.
  12. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    No that was a black agent mission ( what I did) the HH is still on (for the people who solved it I imagine) . I asked in the gold forum. And it has not been done yet.
  13. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    I do not know why I was,selected for black level. It was deemed (CLASSAFIED)
  14. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    what is this "HH puzzle" youre talking about? i cant really find any referances for when it even started or what it even stands for
  15. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent


    Uhhhh...any chance y'all could explain?
  16. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    Ok I am going to find the event we did. And post my topic with what it is. Let me find the link. And I can explain what it was . Give me a min to track it up. In the mean time.

    It refers to the 2015 Halloween live event. There was a hidden archive with a picture of the " Headless Horseman. With numbers all over the page.

    I am finding the post I did at that time now. And you can see the image yourselfs. It is too late to solve now (I imagine for people who missed it.)

    Give me a minute and I will post the image and forum post.

    !!! I cannot explain the solution or the answer we got . As Dispatch told us we could NOT share any info after solving it. !!!

    Operation and the Headless Horseman image from a,hidden archive in the operation.
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