I believe that my Mission 01 is glitched.

Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by thevoidseer, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. thevoidseer

    thevoidseer New Agent

    I hadn't played the previous builds, started with .5, and I believe I'm stuck due to a glitch.
    The mission briefing only asks that I "explore their visible presence and analyze any open port", and the additional intel only goes up to doing an OSintscan and sfuzzer. I had already done so, and it already said mission complete, but it took me back and selected continue, and it selects, there's a sound as I click, and the mission goes away, never advancing the mission.

    Well, I had just assumed that I hadn't actually done enough,
    but now I'm connected to filehost.rosenews.com, found mail.rosenews.com, but I couldn't find a username to use. I'm assuming the information is either in a future mission briefing or that I'm still missing something.

    Have I missed something, or is there a glitch causing issues?
    Loving the game, by the way, even if there is a mission glitch.
  2. darknight

    darknight Active Agent

    check my post further down, basically it says your done but you got a bit more to do, just search about
  3. thevoidseer

    thevoidseer New Agent

    I'll try and re-trace my steps, I suppose it's possible I didn't analyze one of the listed ports?
    I'd think that the trigger would be finding the vulnerable port, but maybe it's an early lesson to be sure to explore every single avenue?
  4. thevoidseer

    thevoidseer New Agent

    Confirmed, missed scanning a portscan on one of them.
    Feels a little silly, but hey.
  5. darknight

    darknight Active Agent

    yes its a bug, not supposed to happen anashel said its known
  6. Ammutseba

    Ammutseba New Agent

    well.... i feel you , took me some minutes to realise what i had to do.....

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