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    This is a mobile arg I am working on, the theme being similar to the black watchmen but with a focus on more realistic secret agent missions and environment. I'm not entirely certain this is ok to post here as I can't find any forum rules, so I apologize if it is not. I assume since I am a fan, and this is my project, this is the place for me. So here is the run down on it:

    HUMINT, or HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, is our vision of a world where people can immerse themselves into a Cold War themed battle of espionage.

    The year is 2018, and the Cold War never ended. Superpowers clash for global influence, but not in open war. This battle takes place in the back alleys and side streets of the world. Players start as citizens and sign up for their countries' intelligence agency or sell their services as native assets to foreign powers.

    Strategy, tactics, planning, communication, secrecy, and a hint of luck are key as players fight for their homeland by protecting state secrets, hunting down moles, planting dead drops, conducting surveillance runs, assassinating political targets, recruiting assets, performing propaganda stunts, hacking enemy servers, photographing documents, kidnapping key sources, sneaking their way into heavily guarded facilities, and much much more.

    Utilizing GPS tracking, image recognition, and virtual reality, HUMINT brings to life all the aspects of clandestine operations in intelligence organizations. Here are some features we hope to implement:

    • - Phases: The entire game will be based on three phases - cold war, war, and post-war. Each phase will have its own unique triggers, missions, roles, and relationships
    • - Political Regions: Players will operate in either friendly or enemy territory with the goal of discovering national secrets in preparation for war in which the territory can be conquered, changing the political landscape, and performing counter surveillance.
    • - Unique Locations: A wide variety of location will facilitate intricate and challenging missions in areas like embassies, safehouses, factories, research facilities, banks, stores, military bases, and more.
    • - Rooms: Each location will have numerous virtual reality rooms that are accessed by scanning objects in real locations, effectively creating real buildings to navigate and operate in.
    • - Dead Drops: Both real and virtual dead drops will be utilized as one means of passing gathered intel between agents.
    • - Data Aquisition: everything from photographing virtual documents, hacking servers, sketching layouts, observing troop movements, stealing blueprints, recording conversations, bugging rooms, identifying enemy agents, and much more.
    • - Sell your services as a mole or local asset: Strike a bargain with the other side for valuable information, or lure them into an ambush.
    • - Case Agent Tasks: Perform the job of real Cold War case agents and recruit locals as moles, meeting them in secret to determine the value of their information and determine if it's a trap. Establish communication and meeting routines for you mole and keep him safe by performing surveillance runs, scouting safe dead drops and meeting locations, all while avoiding surveillance yourself.
    • - Gadgets: Various gadgets will be available to agents via their intelligence agencies, stores, and the black market. These gadgets can be used to assist the player in accomplishing certain mission tasks or counter actions by enemy agents. A few examples of gadgets include a camera, audio bug, bug detector, conductive paint, tracking device, etc.

    Feel free to swing by our website and view our forum for more information. Please be aware the beta is early in development and we are currently spreading word of our work so that the multiplayer aspect won't be barren upon release.

    "Everything we do is dangerous"

    - Adolf Tolkachev - CIA Asset - Moscow Station
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    Don't mind you sharing it here at all. This sounds very ambitious, definitely keep updating this thread as things progress!
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    Thank you codex, we will be sure to post updates here in addition to our regular mediums
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    UPDATE 9-6-18
    Cold Code Labs is proud to announce an additional member to our team! Greg will be helping us with database architecture utilizing his extensive experience building systems and mobile apps for various companies.

    What does this mean for the project? It means the development road will be shorter, and our selections of technology and beta release will be more efficient and streamlined. We are excited about what the future holds for HUMINT!

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