[How To] Set up Two-Step Verification

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    So since this forum is running on XenForo's latest version, it has native support for Two-Step Verification and it's quite easy to set up.

    1. Go to http://forums.ahnayro.com/account/two-step and enter your password
    2. Now select either Verification Code via App (This allows you to generate a verification code using an app on your phone.) or Email Confirmation (This will send a code via email to verify your login. Other two-step verification methods should be chosen over this if possible.)

    1. Select the Verification Code via App by clicking Enable
    2. Download either Authy or Google Authenticator to your phone

    For Authy
    1. Download Authy to your phone
    2. Launch the app
    3. If you are first time launching the app, enter your REAL phone number and email. Select either Phone call or SMS message to verify and wait for the call or SMS. If you already have it, continue.
    4. Now click on Add Account.
    5. Click on Scan QR code and point it to the page where it gives you the QR. If you want to use the code, press on Enter key manually.
    6. It will instantly give your account name so just press done.

    You now have setted up Authy as your two-step verfication device. All codes here will expire in 30 seconds.

    For Google Authenticator
    1. Download Google Authenticator to your phone
    2. Launch the app.
    3. If you are first time launching the app, please add account. Just press Start using app or something (mine was in Finnish so yeah..)
    4. Now select either Read code or enter key manually
    5. Scan the code or enter code provided on the page and the setup is done

    Email setup
    1. Select Email Confirmation by clicking Enable
    2. Enter your password one more time
    3. You will get an code to your email, check it out
    4. Provide it to the webpage and press Confirm
    5. You now have enabled Email Confirmation for all logins

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