How Does One Go About Making A Fan Mission?

Discussion in 'Fan & Sandbox Missions' started by ScapeZero, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, so please move the thread if it is.

    So, since getting to know the game and the great community we have here, plus a lot of spare time sitting around thinking, I have come up with a few ideas for fan missions. What exactly is the process to making them? How do you submit them? What limitations are there (ex; lore, length, real world stuff, etc)?

    I think I could create something the community would find interesting, but I don't really have anything written out yet, simply because I don't know the process, or what limitations I would have. Any help with the process by agents who have made missions would be much appreciated :D Thanks guys!
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  2. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    You can basically go two routes:

    If you'd like your mission to be in the client, you'll have to give Anashel a poke and see if there's time/space to fit it in. :)

    The "Fan Missions" section is there for you to share your creations with the community, but outside the Client. This, of course, puts some limitations on your mission in some aspects, but grants you some freedom in others.

    The main difference is that you'll need to implement ways for Agents to progress through your mission(s) if you use the forum - where it's really up to your imagination. Some have created their own mock-websites for the mission, others have encoded it entirely with steganography, while others have spread out bread-crumbs in the shape of hidden links to each subsequent step - just to name a few examples.
    Conversely, you are, as hinted, free to use outside sources more extensively (e.g. websites, uploaded audio/video files) - i.e. all the things still not present in the client.

    As for the content of your mission; length, difficulty, and real-world stuff, is up to you, really. I actually think there's still one or two Fan Missions yet to be solved in there already.
    In regards to lore; it's the same, more or less. We've had missions that either infringe upon or exploit pre-existing lore, primarily by trying to "add flesh" to the bones that is the lore we currently know to be canon. :)

    Just keep in mind that any mission you do create, will likely not be considered canon -- as far as we know. It's a place for you to share a story which relates in some way, shape or form to TBW, that you'd like to tell - but generally I'd avoid killing off established TBW characters. ;)

    I'd say think of it as a place to go "What if" within the TBW universe. ;)

    Edit: Moved and stickied to Fan Mission section, as it might be a handy guide for Agents wanting to initiate their own investigations.
    For the same reason, I'd welcome anyone to share their own experiences, advice, or what not, in this thread - make it a handy handbook for Agents who've stumbled across something that needs investigating. ^^
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  3. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    Okay cool, thanks for all the information! :D
  4. Snarkk

    Snarkk Active Agent

    Hello agents.

    I have a question for you. I have some ideas not far from the boil for a fan mission I can create for you, but I first need to know something.

    Because of historical, lore and personal reasons, some (most) of the clues, or search hits, will be in french. I know that can be a problem, but it can sounds as a good challenge for some of you.

    If it's sounds more like a barrier, I'm still able to create content in basic english, but it means an another way to create the mission, with less pure research. This is why I need an advice !
  5. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    I think as long as you double-check with the Google translate tool that the hints and other content can be deciphered into passable English, you should be OK. I know there's a strong French community around this game.
  6. Snarkk

    Snarkk Active Agent

    Thanks for your answer, I'll try to be understable.

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