How do I redeem my key?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Nightbreed, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Nightbreed

    Nightbreed Active Agent

    The email I got gave me a key and said to go to my agent profile and redeem it in the "Inventory Section". I don't have an inventory section in my profile. How do I redeem it? Also, will we be getting Steam keys at a later date? Thanks.
  2. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    when youre logged in in the nt4 client, at the top right you should see your agent name a number and an avatar/placeholder for an avatar
    if you click on that, you will be directed to your agent profile.

    there youll have five tabs: inventory | medals | reputation| analytics | avatar
    when youre in the invertory tab, youll see another five tabs, and a text bar with the text: "enter coupon"
    and thats the place where you enter your coupon code

    (sorry, i cant send you screenshots)
  3. Nightbreed

    Nightbreed Active Agent

    Ah, I see. I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks!
  4. Dagon

    Dagon Active Agent

    There's still one thing I don't understand, sorry : I entered the coupon code and now what ?

    How will I get the final release when available ? Steam code ? Will it be sent to my Email address ?
    shoud I keep the file I just downloaded ? how can i get the final release ?

    Thank you, your Email about the key to redeem is too short to be understandable, you should really write a FAQ.
  5. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Hi! If you're a Sentry-level pre-order, you will receive a Steam key via email once we go into open beta. What file is it that you downloaded? Right now our only actively supported demo is available through Steam.
  6. Dagon

    Dagon Active Agent

    Hi, thanks for the answer, I think I will wait for the open beta.

    I downloaded the NT4 client your website proposed me to download after buying the sentry level preorder, which gave me access to what seems to be alpha 0.8.9.

    Is this version more up to date / complete than the steam demo remains unclear.

    Is the coupon code usable with steam demo ?
  7. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Where on the website did you see the download link? We're in the process of trying to hunt all those links down and remove them. Alpha 0.8.9 was our final Alpha version, the version on steam is a Beta build (I believe it's 0.10.9 right now) and is much more up to date.
  8. Dagon

    Dagon Active Agent

    Just after payment, you are forwarded to a page where you can click to download the Alpha.
    (can't give you the page link as it implies me to buy the game again to show the page ;-)

    So I'll use the steam demo and patiently wait for you to send me the steam key.

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