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Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by ei3ola, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. ei3ola

    ei3ola New Agent

    I like the new hivemind servers populating, but will we have a heads up on which ones are workable vs. still a work in progress? Several appear to be at dead ends (either with the trade server working, but no login information or unable to even find the trade server itself).
  2. AgentZeus

    AgentZeus Senior Agent

    The Hivemind servers should still be thought of as a work in progress - hopefully the servers that are up will work better soon as they are tweaked.

    The toolset used to create them is still an early version with some bugs etc - but more importantly there is no documentation so the HVM admins are feeling their way through things and testing them as they go. So you might come across ones that don't work as they are being tested

    I am luckily one of the HVM admins and it is amazing - and difficult - to get your HVM working as you want it - which is why mine is still hidden!! :)
  3. Enoch52

    Enoch52 Active Agent

    I haven't gotten into one yet, but I've gotten to the login screen on a couple, and mapped quite a few out. On one I got what I believe to be the username, but I don't have a path to use to try to crack the password. Changes look interesting!

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