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Discussion in 'General' started by tictaktoe333, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. tictaktoe333

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    So I've been looking in the forums and I still can't figure out the "trading" part to the game. What are we trading? what do we gain? what are the risks?

    Also I hacked one network and the webcams didn't ID the HVT. I hacked their phone and figured out what their name is but the standard [first_initial][second name] user name doesn't work and the identity is still blanked out even though I have got full access to the network and the targets phone and know the full identity of the target? Any suggestions?
  2. tictaktoe333

    tictaktoe333 Active Agent

    Also the "backdoor ready" hasn't lit up even though I have already opened the backdoor on the phone? and the shield is grayed out.
  3. BlackSite

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    This game is still in beta and some of the functions don't work appropriately. Ecspecially the hivemines. More than half currently will let you get all the way to cracking the password and then give an error reading no host / proxy error. This is is cause the game has bugs and to be expected. They are aware and will eventually fix the issues. As for trading, once the hivemind is password crack a window will pop up granting access to the network. There will be two columns of files one labeled player and the other hivemind I believe. There are 5 sets of intel. Two in each set. What you have and then the mind. If you have the intel you currently posse or the intel they posses they will have check marks by them. If either you or the mine are missing the intel it will be faded out. If you have intel in a set and they possee a piece you don't you need to initiate a trade to get it.
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  4. Anashel

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    We are now mostly focusing on the Whitechapel gift for Christmas and will resume full production on NT4 when we are back from the holidays. I will be able to give you a fix for the hivemind, but it is important to remember that progress will be reset multiple time during the development of the game.

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  5. tictaktoe333

    tictaktoe333 Active Agent

    cheers fellas, I thought it might have just been incredibly hard but since then I have hacked like 3 of the other ones with no fuss at all! Thanks for all the hard work on the game btw! Also @Anashel when is the whitechapel gift being released?

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