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Discussion in 'Hivemind Servers' started by Gilgamesh0306, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Gilgamesh0306

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    I need a hint for cracking Roberts Password:
    I found the hidden server and have one hint from Stacy's phone and one from the personal informations server (the info kids-2 does not seem to apply), but with only first and last name and two hints I cannot crack Roberts password for his creative accounting. So where do I find further hints or what did I miss? - Also is it a mistake that Stacy refers in her notes to a Gerald, she means Robert Lewis, doesn`t she?
  2. Enoch52

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    There are other phones with further clues that can be used to crack that password, including the 2 names you're looking for.

    I've gotten through to the trading server, but
    Robert's phone seems like it should be the key, but the only thing I'm sure of is the link to the hub. What's with Keyless? Is there some info I'm supposed to glean from that?

    Oh, and there's a typo on the phone with the name of the trading hub, FWIW. Easy enough to figure out.
  3. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    Thanks, found the other sources. But I am stuck at the same point as you now.
    Tried to take the 5 Mac-Adresses plus Vendors (Airodump) of the date and time of the Keyless individually as User and Password for the Outpost, but to no avail.
    - Also I am still missing the third network. Maybe the login is hidden there? The VPN-Network is mentioned on two occasions, tried to hack it even if vpn.joris.hvm isn't marked as vulnerable, but unfortunately also no luck there.
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