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    From all of us at Alice & Smith, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and all the best for the New Year!

    2015 has been a fantastic year for The Black Watchmen. We went from our alpha all the way to the release of the first as well as second season!

    When we first set out to create a persistent alternate reality game, we didn’t dare hope it would be with the success that it has come to be. In a world of action or narrative driven games, we were unsure whether there was room for a game that was, by definition, player driven.

    By extension, the games success has been a direct consequence of the direction in which you, our dear Agents, have driven the game, and how welcoming and open you have been to players who have yet to try the journey that it is to play ARGs.

    Nothing makes us prouder than being able to call you our community! And nothing makes us more enthusiastic in keeping this journey going persistently, than seeing which direction you’ll take the game next.

    With the release of the mission set today, we will be taking a some time off to think about future missions, drink eggnog and enjoy the snow. We will be back in early January with new mission sets and live events. In the meantime, we will still be available should you have any questions or concerns, and we will be giving you a special sandbox mission from the puppet masters, just in time for Christmas.

    So again, thank you, all of you, for supporting us as much as you have, as well as all the devotion you’ve shown!

    Happy Holidays, Agents. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

    - The Black Watchmen HQ
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