Halloween Bounty: Trial 2

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Whitehouse, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Whitehouse

    Whitehouse Active Agent

    Hm... I may need a nudge or maybe it's a tech-glitch... But is anyone else's foxacid not working quite right..?

    That is i get the "successful" message, but no server appears anywhere... or DOES it..?

    (also, am i starting these threads because I'm in Australia and therefore doing these missions early... or you're all just smarter than me..?)
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    JFRCTR New Agent


    Same thing. Seems that I have the "foxacid attack successful" message but nothing happens I am not connected to a new vpn. I guess I have found what to do next after I am actually connected
    tryarp.poisoning.nt4 hints at an ARP poisoning from Man in the middle tool, but we need to be connected to something to use it, so it does seem like there is a bug

    Anyone could confirm it is a bug from foxacid, or should we keep digging?


    EDIT: Found on Discord that there is indeed a bug:

    ApHELLionToday at 5:40 PM

    NT4: - There is a bug with FoxAcid where using an IP Address as the target will not grant you a Turbine C2 card, despite a successful FoxAcid attack

    However you can bypass by targeting the url directly
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  3. insert

    insert New Agent

    I wasn't able to finish the Mission before timer. I was able to crack the password to the terminal, but after seeing transation I am unsure how to proceed and if it is even possible. Am I to Late or can i continue this?
  4. AgentZeus

    AgentZeus Senior Agent

    Gah. Real life interrupted me whilst I was trying to do the mission and I ran out of time - and I am fairly certain I was near the end >.<

    Guess that's the end of the live event for me :(
  5. insert

    insert New Agent

    I am wondering the same thing? I got close to Getting password of Part 1 but had to signout before figureing, I was able to get it this morning but no idea where to go for progression.
  6. AgentZeus

    AgentZeus Senior Agent

    The bounty ran for an hour - regardless of whether you were logged in or not - you can only enter the answer within that 1 hour period
  7. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    if you didnt complete the mission before the time runs out, you can still explore the network youre investigating, but you can complete the bounty until it respawns at another time (which is around 16:00 UTC
  8. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    I got stuck looking at two active directory servers. One related to coffee the other one beverages in general. I dont know the name of the friend i´m supposed to look for. None of the company names did the trick...
    Any clues for me?
  9. faulty-phoenix

    faulty-phoenix New Agent

    You've actually gone way beyond the requirements of part 2 (the same thing happened to me). The domain attached to those two directories isn't needed until part 3. I'd revisit company names once you've disregarded the aforementioned domain.
  10. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    Thank you! But it seems like the event is over…
    Not too happy with the experience… the first part, the URL - IP osintscan puzzle, was a bit far fetched and and it seems like the solution of the 2nd task could be easily slipped…
  11. PurpleYin

    PurpleYin Active Agent

    The event is running up until the 12th November- don't worry, you still have time!
  12. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    The solution is:
    Am I the only one, who thinks that this is not the name of a company, but an URL? The bounty specifically asked for a company's name, but "roastednready" is the wrong answer… Am I supposed to trial and error all the way?
    And why doesn't the social engineering tool kit recognize the URL as a valid crawling target for email addresses? The LinkedIn crawler fails as well. This just doesn't feel solid. Instead it feels like there was only one solution anticipated and all the others were neglected… like a one dimensional puzzle.
  13. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    Spoilered because spoiler

    You added more than is needed to that URL.
  14. Oberon

    Oberon Active Agent

    To be fair, this game is a early alpha... Like the game itself is evolving, the mission design will be as well... This Halloween hunt is for our fun for us beta testers... Our replies will have an influence of the develope I am sure...
    I think when the game will be realeased it will be more ways implement to solve a task... And also some death ends, traps and honey pots... I am a little afraid, when backtracking will be possible, or limited time access to workstations... Then we have to think way faster... lol... oook... *I* have to do :p
  15. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    Again I honestly thing a proper tutorial will work here. I think that is where the problems are arising, simply not knowing what to do.
  16. Oberon

    Oberon Active Agent

    The Tutorials are not this bad... There taking you by the hand and leading you step by step through the tools... It just dosn't explain well, why you do it... just, do this, do that... it's like painting with numbers... it just doesn't go deep and in the details... Or even possibilitys...
    But like I did say... it is alpha state :)
  17. NeOx

    NeOx New Agent

    I think this part is good, but the answer is not. In my opinion, 3 answers should have been possible and not just 1. I mean, the answer is quite easy to find, but I entered the "wrong good answer", so I thought I was wrong and I lost a lot of time searching elsewhere.
  18. Oberon

    Oberon Active Agent

    It is the same as I did... Not to forget, that typos are not forgiven in this game lol...
    The right answer is more simple, but longer than expected...
    I just hope the following spoiler isn't too big..
    With the differences in the whishlist and the final order you know what is missing, right? Just type this exactly like it is there in... without the ammount... Simple, you should gues, but in my opinion different "good" answers would be splendit... lol...

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