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    As is usual we were talking on IRC. This time about hacking the Barbizon hotel website and some concerns were shared about whether we were allowed to hack.
    So.. Thought I would share the hacking guidelines from the MMO forums here

    Originally posted by Santiak
    I wonder, then, if Human Equation will eventaully consider it okay to hack agents? ;)

    Reply posted by Anashel
    No we wont. This is where the line is drawn. Official forums and official website will be consider an illegal cyber-attack. That goes to mailchimp. We ask people to NOT leave any confidential information and we will use third party log-in like google to handle the security. On our side we only host token and variable.

    It is a sensitive topic, we want to let hacker user their real life skill but if you recalls end of days, we were down multiple times due to people doing brute force attack the site,preventing all other player to enjoy the game.

    For now we request people to NOT brute force site or take them down by flooding. This is not hacking, it doenst show any skill aside being a script kiddies able to run automated hacking software so let me make it clear: IT IS NOT TOLERATED.

    On the other hand if you hack you way trough an open port that give you access to vulnerable page, etc: ths is tolerated for fake site like Rosenberg or FSB building. But you will always have clues either in the code source or in the vulnerable page we left behind that give you clear insight that this is a path to follow.

    It is obvious that we going to have to come up with a clear rules to properly inform our hacker on what can be hack (and was design to be hack) versus what can't....

    Hope that clear up the subject.
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    Thanks for posting this. It definitely helps clear things up some.
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    A real hacker doesn't waste time with bought online scripts. :) besides, where's the fun in using someone else's work to hack your way through an unsecure port? Do it yourself.

    Script kiddies annoy the crap out of me.


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