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    This Guide covers unlockable items found in your profile in NT4
    Hi folks, this is a quick reference guide to the items you can collect both via in-game methods and out-of-game methods.

    This guide was updated to the following version of the game:

    Now on to the sections of your profile.

    The intelligence section displays all the intel items you have collected in-game. These items can be traded (via hivemind terminals). There is currently no way to collect these out-of-game.

    Skins. Want to customise your interface? This is the place to see what you have available. Please note you change your skin in the setting not in your agent profile!

    There are several skins that will be listed. Some you will have obtained when you got the game - others you can unlock via the methods below. Some skins are Kickstarter backer only rewards and will not be available except as an occasional reward from the devs.

    • Ghost Skin - Cadet Level (or above) Kickstarter Pledge Required
    • Elite Skin - Agent Level (or above) Kickstarter Pledge required
    • Sentry - part of the Sentry Game Package
    • Infrared - not currently available except from the devs
    • Quantum - part of the Quantum Game Package
    • Alpha - this is unlockable - click HERE for info
      [Mod note: This skin is no longer unlockable, as we are no longer in Alpha]
    • Phoenix - this is unlockable - watch HERE for hints on how to start

    Please note the unlockable skin missions are difficult and not recommended for beginners.

    The pass section shows which version of the game you have purchased and what early-access privileges you have (if any). This section will be updated as development progresses. For now it simply lists early access and beta passes.

    The mission section details which mission packs you will have available at launch. (Note it may list missions here that are not in the beta releases). Mission packs were available via Kickstarter and via Game Package purchases.

    • Season 1 : Future Forecast - Standard
    • Secret Faction Storyline - Kickstarter & Optional Game Package Addon
    • Orbital Hacker - Kickstarter/Pre-order option - no longer available
    • 195.8.**.** (Censored as minor spoiler!) - Part of a secret mission!
    • 0-Day Vulnerability - Kickstarter & Optional Game Package Addon
    • Under attack by FSB - Unknown
    This section will be updated as development progresses.

    This section shows a list of titles available to unlock. Currently the ones unlocked are tied to whether you backed on Kickstarter and the 'tier' you purchased at.

    Currently you can't do anything with them so this section will update closer to launch.


    Any feedback / requests please let me know!
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