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Discussion in 'General' started by Jarobi, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

    Well done Agents, you have unlocked the Green Level application. There has been some discussion about details, so I wanted to clarify things a bit:

    Please submit the Application to dispatch role-playing as your Black Watchmen character. As interesting as it may be, we do NOT want to know how many confirmed kills you have in real life.

    Stay tuned for more updates about the application.
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  2. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    Do I get to roleplay as myself, if I am my Black Watchmen character?
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  3. Bats

    Bats Division 93: Covert Grammatical Ops Battalion

    Hear that, Daedalus? You can only count the RP fires, not the real ones.

    Now put down the matches.

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  4. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

    All fires are both real and RP
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  5. vigatron

    vigatron Senior Agent

    That's my question. I've always considered that I'm RPing as myself, The Black Watchmen agent. I suppose I could just fill it out legit like and embellish a bit for the sake of story.
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  6. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    If it's any help, I'm doing more or less just what Vigatron suggests: I've kept personal experiences, history and the sort, as close to my "real self" as possible, while offering more "In Character" descriptions of questions such as "explain your last mission" - the questions that are more grounded in TBW specifically. :)

    Although I'm not sure I'll be sending in the application - real-life obligations and all.
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  7. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    Until I'm told otherwise, this is how I plan to fill it out.
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  8. vigatron

    vigatron Senior Agent

    Just keep your confirmed kills to yourself ;)
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  9. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

    So would everything being put into the document be considered classified top secret, or would cover stories need to remain intact? In-character of course :rolleyes:
  10. Ashielf

    Ashielf Senior Agent

    I'm tempted but I'll wait. Too much going on in my non-agent life (yes, that is still a thing :p). Wish you all good luck!
  11. Void

    Void Senior Agent

    It's really tempting, but I doubt that I'm going to apply. I'm from Russia, and doing what Black Watchmen usually do would be really hard here. Especially alone. Especially without membership in a law enforcement agency. Maybe if there are more participants...
  12. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    I sent in an application, and I basically just used my own experiences, but pushed a bit further. No, I didn't spend three years learning archery, but it's something I'm interested in, and therefore it goes in as something RP me has.
  13. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I'd have to see the application & instructions before making plans. Sonne's persona is in many worlds and in good measure has his traits because it is the kind of person I want to be more like than I am now.

    As I recall, Green level is the real deal. Despite having a Superman-like persona, puppetmasters will want to know what your anxieties are and if those dental tools are terrifying to you.
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  14. thatangryviking

    thatangryviking Viking Turkey | The Bot Slayer

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am terrified of giant stacks of money being thrown at me in sacks with dollar signs on them..
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  15. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    OMG me too!!!
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  16. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Chrematophobia is a hell of a condition.
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  17. Silverfox

    Silverfox Senior Agent

    I'm curious on if I am going to try. I don't know if my RP is up to stuff.
  18. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    A question? Can we apply each season for 'green level'. Upcoming a couple of pesky rl events make me think it best to stay at level yellow so as not to terrify my neighbours with the blood splattered tire marks on the dirt road I live on. Each new season as we renew our personal schedules can we increase or lower as applicable or is it a one time only selection?
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  19. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    Think the implication is that you can switch around any of the other levels, but green will mean you being written into a mission so possibly they would not want you to drop green mid season.
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  20. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

    It will be seasonally based. So if you are not Green Level in Season 1, you can be in Season 2.

    Khalm said it well. Green Level means that you will be written into a mission, so once you are signed up, that's it. Except of course if there are personal reasons you would need to step down. Also, we will need to establish a safety word with our Green Level agents. Besides that though, you need to be ready at all times if you are Green level, because the agency could call on you at any time.

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