G7.005 (Surefirearms) Bounty

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Seshemw, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    Seem to be stuck with significant progress (lord, will it ever end?) but apparently missed something. The specific mission is for US airspace Surefire is using for aircraft testing.

    I can get to an r&d fileshare that I want to connect to and have pulled out APEXGLARE and NIGHTSHADE files from it. I also have a serial number extract
    that lists the APEXGLARE drone dronex2119-0619 which just tells me US/Americas, and June 2019 start date

    But I'm still drawing a blank on the answer to the mission.

    I have visited
    drone, weapons, security, admin, R&D, and three phones (burner, security, and dr MSTK 4
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  2. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    I'm stuck on G7.001 i think? i've explored the whole surefire network and MSTK's phone but i've put his name/alias into the bounty box and it doesn't work. even tried the director of the drone division's name and still nothing. i have no idea if im missing something obvious but i've looked everywhere

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