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    To: Anashel < @Anashel >
    From: [email protected]


    I recieved these weapons a few weeks ago, and have found that they are exceptionally powerful, accurate, and easy to wield. I would like to order several of each for our armory, as I feel like they would be very helpful against Rift Entities and other enemies of the agency. I'd be using some of my own R and D budget to buy these weapons. Is this reasonable?

    Have a good day,
    Agent Wo1fsBan3

    [email protected] said:
    Greetings, Agent Wo1fsBan3

    I am a representative of LibraCorp, a specialized manufacturer dealing with energy-based weapons, absorbative armor, and high-frequency communications. We have reached out to your organization in hopes that you would be willing to test some of our latest weapons. We have sent you some of our prototype weapons, free of charge, (which you will find in an attached list) which should arrive shortly to your headquarters. We hope that we can help supply you for years to come.

    Best wishes,
    Alan Gliese
    Head of Public Relations
    Libra Arms Corporation

    Attached: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EMbtBKCkJZVRjQDGkbMb847dO-m93V4-SjugJXeP_3c/edit?usp=drivesdk

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