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Discussion in 'Lucid Dreaming' started by Gestalt, Jun 6, 2016.

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    I’m the new moderator, I have joined the team to help manage the growing number of users in this community. I was tasked with reviewing the existing community threads and draft up a list of guidelines to help serve the forum founders original vision of a lucid dreaming community:

    1. Treat all forum members with respect and tolerance.
    2. Strive to post constructive topics and promote interesting discussion.
    3. Avoid discussion about specific medications or natural supplements. Always check with your doctor before trying any kind of medication or supplement.
    4. Main topics of discussion should be focused on the techniques, meaning and psychology of lucid dreaming.

    We hope these guidelines will help educate new and old members alike regarding how these forums will be managed. Thank you for your time!
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