Find Sunshade Corp's mail server

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Radeon, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    This is phase three of the network scanning lecture.

    Most likely sfuzzer or osintscan will do the trick, but whats the domain name i need to explore?,,,

    how do I find the domain name? This game is somehow about logic, right? Not about mindless trial and error?

    Because in phase two I ran an SOE attack against the company. So obviously there is a LinkedIn page. There should be a link to the company's website right?. Maybe not the mail server, but the url of the company. And we succeeded in the attack so who is our victim and what is his mail address? So we could read the url of company after the @ -s symbol.
    - but nothing.

    I'm sorry if the name was already revealed in lecture Y phase X - i cant remember. At the moment this does not feel like a flow. Its feels very narrowed.
  2. eagleo0

    eagleo0 New Agent

    Try this one and yes it has already been revealed to you in previous missions :)
  3. Hermler

    Hermler New Agent

    Each part of the training will sometimes build upon the last one. And...don't overthink it.
  4. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    Thank you for the hint. Problem solved ;)
    I hope some of my feedback might still be of value.
  5. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    if you explore the active directory, youll find some emails, which also would give you a clear indication to what the original domain would be
  6. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    if you explore the by now updated task assignment, youll find an URL, which also would give you a clear indication to what the original domain would be.

    This is still an alpha version - so changes happen often and quick. Maybe you should focus on important matters instead of being the
    smart arse.
    , giving obsolete advices in an old thread.
  7. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    you were asking how you could find the domain, and im providing with an answer that worked both for the older version and the updated version.
    just because this post is just a few days old, doesnt make it an old thread.

    also, in what way was my advice obsolete? its refering to where clues are generally hidden in A&S puzzles, rather than giving you straight out the answer.
    true, the mission now gives you the domain rightaway, but if you ever come across a similar situation (which you most defenitly will), it wouldnt hurt knowing where to look for leads, rather than asking for help at every other turn

    (this doesnt apply to you personally btw, but just as a note in general)
  8. jonnyrev

    jonnyrev Active Agent

    Arghhh, my brain is dribbling out of my ear. I've worked out what the mail server is and bruteforced the password. The 2nd and 3rd objectives are complete, but it won;t let me move on as the first is unchecked. Is this a bug, or is there a specific hoop that I need to jump through to get the system to realise that I've found the mail server?
  9. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    I think there is a bug regarding that objective, but
    completing an sfuzzer/osintscan attack to find the target
    should do the trick, otherwise restart and retry the mission :(
  10. jonnyrev

    jonnyrev Active Agent

    Thanks, I literally just cracked it a couple of mins ago

    I was disconnecting from the vpn to run sfuzzer and didn't realise that it showed up different results if run when connected to the VPN. it brought it up on a -t 45 search and Bob's your uncle

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