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    It would be nice if we could speed up the text readout in the mission briefing by, say, holding down the mouse or a specific key, or clicking a button to skip to the end.

    Some sort of in-game manual would be good, describing how to use various functions. I propose that it be located on the mission screen (that's what I'm calling the screen you can access with the 'envelope' button) in the highlighted area:


    Something along the lines of 'Key Concepts' as a header, and then a short list of the new concepts being introduced in the mission. This could be limited to only training missions, or missions meant to train on a new concept or command. Clicking the concept could open a new window in-client explaining the concept, and how to use it in-game. So if it's a command, it would tell you what the command is for in plain English, and give a usage example. If it's something like a field agent (as a concept), it may explain that each field agent has different abilities, and show with images how to use those abilities and cycle through the field agents. If it's something like CLAM or another minigame-command, it would give an extended description of how the minigame works.
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    I liked the missions overall, nothing too hard or boring, it went smoothly for me.
    As for the epilogue section, that's a voice you cannot forget :)
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