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    [OOC] : I started redacting situations that may come or happen during the career of my character within the agency, it started popping in my mind as scenes from a TV sitcom, so i thought i would wrote/describe them down for everybody to read since it's a bit the way i think Agent Zekh would behave at HQ.

    Doing this, i strongly encourage other agents showing their own fictions and funny stories about their so exceptional job.

    #1 : Agent Zekh arriving at his desk one morning.
    Drops his jacket on his chair, pulls a stamp ink pad in the corner of his desk and starts smashing repeatedly on it with a stamp, gathering annoyed attention in the whole room.
    Then grabs a pile of working documents neatly packed by his superiors and reads the papers.

    - Nope
    Stamps the paper with a big red NOPE on the first page before passing to the next file
    - Nope
    He does that for like five files before some other agent (like Santiak or riningear) comes to him and says :
    - You have to do the decyphering yourself you know.
    Zekh looks up and stamps the forehead of the agent
    - Nope

    #2 : Agent Zekh walks among the labs of R&D, discussing with some other agent
    (Agent B)
    - I assure you, they still could be doing it, what was Baup about if not this ?
    Agent Zekh does a neglecting shrug and says :
    - Neeeh.. they say they stopped those methods, they have principles you know, i don't think they're still having human test sub- *opens a lab door* - oh my god they have human test subjects °_°

    #3 : Agent Zekh planned a revenge against Agent Mike "Grishka", after his unpopular troll against div66.
    Zekh recieves a call from a furious Mike, dealing with a salty situation created by the vengeful agent.
    (Playful Zekh) :
    - Oh Hiiiiii, how you doing Mike ? Is everything.. hockey ?
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    inb4 fanfic about Nu Age and Vanessa.
    "Spare Couch"
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    Yeah, and i know some agents do unorthodox things with the entities they might be able to summon, especially the ones with tentacles.

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