Fan Mission: RIGA-38-Hydrant

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  1. berzerk0

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    I put a lot of effort into these 25 puzzles.
    All that is required is a browser and paper.

    There is no downloading of files, clicking on blind links, or visits to sketchy websites.

    It meanders somewhat and there is no feedback other than the ability to progress to the next level.

    If you want to save your progress, all you need to do is save the URL and the passcode.

    There is no plot, and it exists outside of the Black Watchmen Universe.

    It does however, exist in YOUR universe - so happy hunting!

    I am around and open to feedback and requests for hints.

    One very important request: Please do not go making hint posts or a walkthrough for this group of puzzles. Password sharing is for JERKS.

    The first level is below:

    ----RIGA-38-Hydrant msg 0 BEGINS----

    Guvf vf sbe nalbar jub pna ernq vg.

    Vg vf n tnzr.

    Gur cngu nurnq vf qnex

    Lbh jvyy abg frr nebhaq rnpu pbeare ng svefg.

    Ohg fgnl granpvbhf, naq lbh zvtug trg guebhtu.

    Ragel jvyy erdhver gur cnffpbqr:



    Ahzoref jvyy erznva gur fnzr.

    ----RIGA-38-Hydrant msg 0 ENDS---
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  2. Noctulius

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    Already stumped at the 3rd task.
    Trying to get into
    Pretty sure the answer is
    but that doesn't seem to work, think it's a format thing.
  3. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    You're on the right track - make sure you've identified the cipher.
    I tried not to use ciphers that were obscure or uncommon.

    This level also contains very mild trolling that will be easily recognized as such.
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